Crucial - Cloud Hosting

Crucial offers true enterprise High-Availability, Cloud based, Web and VPS hosting solutions.

Utilising a private cage at the Equinix SY3 datacenter in Sydney, the latest Hewlett Packard blade infrastructure, SolidFire SSD SAN and a fully redundant Cisco network with multiple bandwidth providers and peering partners; we are able to offer one of the most reliable and powerful hosting environments in the Australia today.

Crucial’s Cloud uses clustered Hewlett-Packard blade servers packing serious grunt, each of our Clouds utilise the latest hex-core Intel processors and DDR3 RAM - all completely hardware redundant and in failover configuration to deliver one of the the fastest and most reliable hosting solutions in Australia.

We are also the only hosting provider in the southern hemisphere to use the Solidfire SSD SAN, widely recognised as one of the fastest commercially available storage network arrays in the world. No other hosting provider can offer you the speed, and reliability of our all-SSD Solidfire SAN.

All of Crucial’s infrastructure is hosted at the tier-4 (highest) Equinix SY3 datacenter in Alexandria, Sydney. Equinix is synonymous with quality, reliability and the new SY3 datacenter houses other familiar companies such as Google, Yahoo and some of Australias largest corporations. So rest easy as your data is stored securely in Australia, within our private cage, at a world-class IBX (datacenter) facility.

Crucial’s Cloud hosted on SolidFire -
Guaranteed performance, efficiency delivered.

High-Availability Cloud Infrastructure
World-Class Equinix SY3 Datacenter
High Performance Redundant Network
SolidFire SSD
SAN Storage
99.9% Uptime
Enterprise Grade HP Blade Servers

Welcome to the new world of storage performance and control. SolidFire’s high-performance storage solutions are the fuel you need to advance the world of cloud computing.

With SolidFire SSD SAN storage you’ll have complete freedom to scale performance and storage separately, like no other provider in Australia. Require a low-IOPS 1TB of storage or 10GB of high-IOPS? SolidFire gives you the choice. A greener, faster, more advanced storage solution is now available!

Pure All SSD
Scale-out SAN
Guaranteed IOPS & Performance
Ultra Fast
Array Builds
Multi Node High-Availability

We utilise multiple high performance ISPs in BGP 4 configuration to allow auto-healing, and auto-failover. Additionally we peer with Equinix to ensure our customers have the best transit mix available.

  • Vocus (2 x 1Gbit links & IPv6 Ready)
  • NTT (2 x 1Gbit links & IPv6 Ready)
  • Equinix Peering (2 x 1Gbit links & IPv6 Ready)
Network Providers

Crucial houses its equipment within a private cage at the tier-4 Equinix SY3 Datacenter located in Alexandria, Sydney. Equinix is the leading global provider of carrier-neutral data centers and Internet exchange services for enterprises, content providers, systems integrators and network services providers.

In 2011 Crucial migrated its network to the new SY3 facility. SY3 has direct fibre connectivity to Equinix’s SY1 and SY2 IBX data centre campus where Crucial previously hosted, located less than a mile away.In addition, SY3 has direct access to major networks.

The facility has been designed in accordance with the internationally recognised LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold standard certification system. LEED certification takes into account factors such as energy savings, water efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction.

To see proof of our dedication to choosing only the best for our customers, you only need look as far as our neighbors in the Equinix Data Centre including such names as Yahoo, eBay, Fairfax, Unwired, and Google. Crucial has been a customer of Equinix since 2007.

Equinix SY3 Equinix SY3 Inside
HAVC System

HVAC systems comply with N+1 specifications and include a centralised chilled water plant with multiple redundant chillers piped in parallel, ensuring continuous reliability and satisfying all cooling requirements.


Equinix has implemented the following security measures that require multiple levels of authentication and authorisation:

  • Onsite security guard patrols the site 24/7
  • The facility is monitored by CCTV Surveillance system
  • Key access areas are controlled by biometric hand scanners and/or secure access cards
  • Visitors are required to check in first with the security guard. Valid Identification is required
  • All activities on premises are logged
UPS System

The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is built on a multi-level N+1 configuration to achieve 99.999% uptime. Power is supplied by a power distribution unit (PDU) - each PDU is connected to two UPS plants.

Fire Suppression
& Detection

Equinix's IBX Centres are designed with multiple levels of fire detection and fire suppression systems. The Sydney SY3 IBX has the following fire suppression systems:

  • VESDA - very early smoke detection/warning system monitored by the Equinix BMS system
  • Zoned (double-interlock) pre-action water sprinkler system
  • Smoke detectors above and below raised floors
  • Hand-held fire extinguishers