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Introducing 2DataFish - Crucial's strategic partner in Content & Conversion Optimization and Digital Business Intelligence & Analytics.

2DataFish are a Sydney based consultancy, focused on delivering value through the interpretation of data, and increasing the effectiveness of your website and online marketing campaigns.

2DataFish are pleased to offer 20% off their range of services for eligble Crucial Paradigm customers.

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Content & Conversion Optimisation

With a business-driven approach to Content & Conversion Optimisation, 2DataFish have worked with Crucial to dive into the existing analytics data for their website and identify the best opportunities for improvement. The result so far: a conversion uplift of more than 10%, over the course of only two campaigns and two months.

2DataFish apply the same world-class methodology that make them Adobe's preferred supplier for Optimisation in the Asia-Pacific region to bring your business a rapidly deployed solution and kick-start you on your Optimisation journey. Focusing on key opportunities such as your home page, conversion funnels and landing page campaigns, we test and target different variations of content, assets and layout to see what drives the best result.

Applying best practices already proven with some of Australia's largest companies (Telstra, GE Money), the process has been tweaked for agility an flexibility, cutting out unneccessary process and overhead, but maintaining the highest standard in quality and results.

With previous Optimisation campaigns for 2DataFish clients having seen results such as an ROI of over 350% and a conversion uplift of over $1.6M, there is no better time to start your Optimisation journey.

2DataFish will work with you to increase your sales, drive additional revenue and grow your leads. Contact 2DataFish today for 20% off your first Optimisation engagement.

The 2DataFish Optimization Philosophy

A/B Testing - displaying different variations of a page element, tracking through to a success metric, and finding the best result.

MVT Testing - changing a number of elements at a page (such as colour, layout, copy) and determining the best performing combination.

1:1 Targeting - utilising behaviourial targeting to learn from browsing habits and offer the best experience to each individual visitor.

Retargeting Campaigns - placing touch points at key points on your website (e.g. product pages, conversion funnels), to record customer interest and later display copy and images related to that interest, looping them back into the conversion funnel.

Profile Based Targeting - building up a repository of user information based on browser habits, or integrating with existing CRM data, in order to provide the most relevant page content.

2DataFish's preferred platform for Content & Conversion Optimisation is Adobe Test&Target, which offers unparalleled power and flexibility. 2DataFish also work with Google Website Optimizer, Visual Web Optimizer, and other platforms, depending on your business needs.

Contact 2DataFish now and start your optimization journey today.

Digital Business Intelligence & Analytics

No matter where analytics currently sits in your business, 2DataFish can add value and ensure you are getting the most out of your data and reporting.

2DataFish is certified in the world's most popular analytics platforms, Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst), as well as being an Adobe Preferred Service Partner for Adobe SiteCatalyst.

Putting the structures and governance in place to give you the confidence in the integrity and value of your data, 2DataFish will then provide the reporting and dashboards, tailored to your needs, that give you the insights to confidently make decisions.

If you're currently using one of these platforms, or if you would like to understand how Digital Business Intelligence & Analytics can benefit your business, contact 2DataFish today to find out what they can do for you.

The 2DataFish Optimization Approach

Digital Audit - Determining how analytics are being used by your business today. A mix of technical and business consulting, focusing on a cross-functional view of your business to ensure that your data is being captured correctly and in line with your broader business goals

Business Driven Data - Capturing the data that is important to your business. Aligning website success metrics with broader KPIs and ensuring that your data is measurable and actionable.

End to End Visible - Giving you the tools and structure to follow your SEM, SEO and EDM campaigns through from end to end. Understand where your customers are coming from, what they are doing, and where they are dropping off. Find out where your marketing dollars work, and where they don't.

Management Dashboards at your fingertips - Simplifying the complex data, filtering out what you don't need, and making sure that the right information gets to the right people. 2DataFish can provide automated reporting, graphs and insights, customized to your business requirements.

Contact 2DataFish now for a full understanding of how your business can benefit from Digital Business Intelligence & Analytics.