Web Server Battle – Apache Vs Litespeed

Web Server Battle – Apache Vs Litespeed

Apache is the world’s most widely used web server software which handles nearly 60% of all website traffic and has been a solid fulcrum in the creation of modern internet. However, the server does have its competitors, namely Litespeed – so let’s take a closer look at both servers to find out which one is better, more functional and flexible.


The software was created back in 1995 by a small number of Internet enthusiasts in order to make their own websites. But soon those website tinkerers went from mere beginners to true emperors of modern internet. Constantly growing and developing, the Apache server became one of the most stable and secure servers available today, and since it also has the ability to load in components, it remains one of the most flexible and versatile as well. And the price? It is completely free.


Unlike Apache, The Litespeed server is a fairly new piece of software made in 2002 by Litespeed industries Inc. This web server was designed to read Apache configuration files and the software can ultimately be dropped in to replace any Apache server. As its name suggests, Litespeed is a version, but the company claims that a single Litespeed server can handle the same amount of traffic as two Apache servers. The main downside is that it is essentially a commercial product. Though a free version of Litespeed is available, many important features are only available if you purchase the enterprise version, which costs anywhere from $14 – $92 per month.

Litespeed Vs Apache

The greatest thing about Litespeed is that the server is really able to handle much more traffic than Apache and it can handle DDOS attacks more efficiently. In one research, an Apache server that had been going under from DDOS attacks was replaced by a Litespeed. While the Apache server crashed due to the attacks, the Litespeed server managed to withstand the attacks and remain its functionality. Also, Litespeed is able to handle configuration files and can support almost all of the popular control panels.

And the Winner is…

Litespeed! Given the power and speed that Litespeed brings, it’s hard not to go for the new top dog.



  • Well summarized.
    LiteSpeed is awesome!

    I moved to TVC.Net who use LiteSpeed on their servers. Crazy fast page loading now.

  • Right now, I am confuse on which one to go for.

  • Decoda

    how the fuck is this the top result? Google’s structure vs ACTUAL content is starting to REALLY piss me off.