Simple Tips for keeping your website alive during peak periods! #2

Simple Tips for keeping your website alive during peak periods! #2

Have you read the first half of our series?

In part 1, we covered two key essentials in keeping your website online during a traffic spike, including installing a caching plugin and upgrading your PHP version.

Our first part starts off with some great tips on how to maintain your website during busy times.

So without further ado, you’ll find the next set of steps below!

Tip #3: Install a CDN!

A what? CDN stands for “Content Delivery Network”. What it does is creates a copy of the static parts of your website (the stuff that doesn’t change so much, like text and images), and then stores multiple copies of it on high-powered servers all over the world.

Then, when a visitor comes to your website, instead of loading all of the content from your real server, it loads a lot of the content from your CDN’s server, taking away a massive amount of heavy lifting from your own hosting account.

The most popular CDN by far is Cloudflare, alternatively we would recommend ExactDN as a great option and KeyCDN is another popular one!

Tip #4: And last but not least – the most important step of them all… ensure your hosting plan is up to speed.

If your business started out on shared hosting and has since experienced some growth, it may be that your business has outgrown the allocated resources of your hosting plan. In other words – it could well be time to check in and see if there is a more suitable hosting plan with the right amount of resources for your website’s needs.

That’s a wrap, folks!

If you’d like one of our experts to evaluate your recent resource usage and check that you are on the most suitable plan for your business, our team is here to help! Simply call us on 1300 884 839 during business hours, or submit a ticket through our support channels and we will get back to you shortly with our findings.

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Stay alive out there everyone! For traffic spikes can be dark and full of terrors…