Top 4 Free cPanel or WHM Alternatives for Linux

Top 4 Free cPanel or WHM Alternatives for Linux

When it comes to purchasing web hosting or helping a client with putting up their site on Crucial, you’ve almost certainly come across a control panel known as cPanel. Although, not for Linux.

cPanel is a quite popular and powerful way to manage your websites or email and it is no wonder it’s the most used hosting control panel globally at the moment. However, like with most awesome services available online, it isn’t free, so for individuals who runs their own servers, and want to host their websites on them, cPanel will typically cost around $15 USD per month.

Alternatives to cPanel which are available online are often outdated, don’t work properly or are pretty insecure and not that user-friendly.  So we’ve put together a list of the top 4 alternatives to cPanel which are free, but equally useful. So, if you are looking to host web development client’s websites, or something versatile for your own personal projects, these are the names to look for.


On of the most modern-looking control panels with user-friendly interfaces is definitely Froxlor. With Froxlor you’re free to copy, use, modify and distribute the software, however, you will have to make your changes available to the original source. One can also include it commercially as long as you disclose that your product uses Froxlor.

It allows 3 types of users: administrators, resellers and customers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include a file manager, but it lets you create an FTP account very easily.

ISPConfig 3

ISP config 3 is quite possibly the most versatile control panel out there. It has pretty much every feature you would ever need when administrating your hosting. ISPConfig 3 offers four user levels:

Admin level – it can configure the server and administer all users.

Control Panel Users Level – the user has access to only what the administrator specifies. One can, for instance, allow access only to the file manager or to administer mailboxes.

Resellers Level – resellers are allowed to resell a set amount of resources that is allocated to them by the administrator. Resellers can subsequently make their own packages and resell them.

Clients level – usable resources assigned by the reseller. Clients can use everything allowed by the administrator and it is completely customizable.


ZPanel practically provides all the features one would expect to find in a web hosting control panel: File manager, ftp account administration, MySQL database and user administration, a DNS/domain manager, and webmail (RoundCube).

ZPanel is packed with useful features and is ideal for personal websites.


Made by LXCenter, Kloxo is a perfect substitute for cPanel since its interface is very similar and most likely inspired by cPanel.

This alternative integrates with WHMCS, Hostbill and AWBS, which is a huge advantage if you use WHMCS or BoxBilling to manage your billing and hosting for your freelance clients. So, if you are looking for something very similar to cPanel’s interface, this might be a perfect option for you.



  • Rodri Oviedo


  • John Rogers

    zPanel is no longer supported, which shows the big issue with using a free control panel option like those mentioned. While cPanel isn’t for everyone, there are paid options that are just as good. I’m a big fan of InterWorx (you can get a free trial on their site, which is nice for prospective users). InterWorx has the functionality and security that free panels don’t. zPanel is really a cautionary tale of the limited lifespan a free panel will have.

  • But does any of these are real alternatives to whm? Can they configure php or mysql like whm do?

  • Jaco Toledo

    The best alternative i have tried so far I, it is super easy to use and is packed with features like Web Server, DNS server, Database Server, Mail Server, FTP Server.I have made a quick tutorial on I wrote it for Ubuntu Server but the installation is the same on pretty much all Linux Distros.

  • Nicolás Cabello Vargas

    what about webmin?

  • I agree Webmin is also a good alternative