9 Wacky & Weird Websites For Your Friday Afternoon

9 Wacky & Weird Websites For Your Friday Afternoon

Ever sat on your phone staring at the home screen wondering what to do? This is boredom; it’s a horrible disease. I am unfortunately constantly afflicted by it–that’s why I’m working towards total world abolishment of boredom.

My first step towards this goal is to help you, the readers, to become fascinated and occupied by something (or several things) awesomely pointless. So, without further ado, I present to you, my brief compilation of some of the most pointless, wacky, and weird websites on the net. And yes, they’re all mobile-friendly. Bon appetit!


Casually check out every airplane currently flying in the world, in real-time. No biggie. Check out where they’re headed, and the speed and altitude they’re flying at. No biggie. Even delve into 3D mode to see the airplane model flying over the satellite map rendering below. No biggie.


Who needs to travel overseas when you can virtually travel to any place in the world via Google Maps? What MapCrunch does though, is it basically decides where you will travel by sending you to a random set of coordinates.

So far, within a minute, I’ve seen dirt roads in Bolivia, farms in Italy, an alleyway in Hong Kong, a small town in Western Australia, and a random spot in Antarctica. You can filter through countries to get less broad results, but why take away the mystery?


The first of the pointlessly weird websites on this list, ‘fallingfalling‘ is more of an experience than a website, but basically, well… you’ll see.


Although a very risky click, I swear it’s actually not what it says it is–it’s completely safe for work or in public. But if I were to ever, so to say, be trippin’ balls on some hardcore drugskies, this is the place that the meat rock in my face-holder would be at.


See above.


What’s better than slapping a man in the face with a cold, hard eel? Well, a lot of things frankly. But why would you ever want to do that when there’s eelslap.com?!?!?!


This is the one, out of all the weird websites, that mesmerised me for a solid couple of minutes. It’s an art project by Nikolaus Baumgarten created in that awkward 2004 year, showing a seemingly endlessly zooming artwork. Obviously, it’s not infinite, but recurring, yet it still maintains my attention for a few minutes, and that’s hard to do these days.


So, we’ve come to the most useful useless website of the list of weird websites; the outlet to all the useless weird websites on the net. Simply click a button and you’re taken to an utterly pointless website. And boy, oh, boy, is it mighty entertaining. What’ll you get when you next click the button? The suspense kills me!


Very similar to above website, this one allows you to press a button to a product page of something weird or confusing, that which you can buy. I hear your questions already, and yes, you can buy an inflatable evil unicorn horn for cats, an iPad stand with a toilet roll holder, and a pair of plastic glasses with the cup-and-ball game protruding from the nose. Crazy? Or insanely awesome?

Definitely crazy…

Crazily awesome!


Image credit: Kues1 | Freepik




  • Tim Kerr

    This was awesome… Should have done it on a Friday because I just wasted way too much time on it but a lot of fun! Nice one fellas!