Round the Office Roundup

Round the Office Roundup

G’day and welcome to our series of Round the Office Roundups! In this series of quick blog posts, you get a delicious feed of exclusive peeps into company operations and projects, as well as office fun and revelry that goes on at Crucial.

So what’s going on?

Mario Kart Tournament

A few weeks ago, we had an absolute blast absolutely blasting our friends off of some famous Mario Kart tracks. There was pizza, beers, and competitive frustration shared by all, as well as celebration as Ross, our Head of Engineering, was crowned tournament champion.

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

This year at the Crucial office, we decided to try our hand at hosting breakfast for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. Staff were only asked for a gold coin donation, but we ended up raising a few hundred!

Today, we held our own #australiasbiggestmorningtea and managed to raise a few hundred for @cancercouncil ! ☕️

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Crucial’s 14th Birthday

Sunday 28th May marked Crucial’s 14th year in business, and rightly so, we dedicated it to all the customers and employees that helped along the way, making us who we are today.

Crucial's 14th Birthday

Bowling Night!

Two Fridays ago, we held our bimonthly (every two months) all-hands meeting–a company-wide meeting to highlight recent progress, outstanding employee work, and future projects, as well as birthdays and newborn babies! Afterwards, we went to Kingpin Bowling Bar in Darling Harbour to strike down some pins and scoff some food and drinks as well!

Staff Spotlight: Alex

Meet Alex, one of our quirky SysAdmins!

Meet Alex, one of our quirky SysAdmins!

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National Doughnut Day!

Yes, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before–behold, the rightly and unofficially-named “MEGADOUGHNUTS” that we got from Doughnut Time. Needless to say, everyone in the office received a piece and there were… well, no leftovers after most people came back for seconds! Delicious and filling summed up our Friday afternoon.

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That’s all, until next time!