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July Specials!

Some specials to ring in the new financial year.

CLOUD20VPS - 20% off your first month on any Cloud VPS.*

CLOUD50S – 50% off your first month on any Cloud Business hosting package.*

CLOUD50R – 50% off your first month on any Cloud Reseller hosting package.*

*Coupon active until further notice.



About Ijan Kruizinga

A close and long time friend of Aaron, Ijan has contributed enormously to the commercial growth of the business both locally and overseas. His ‘work 24 hours a day’ attitude, business prowess and ability to network with people from any area of globe means he’s constantly in the air or on the road, in search of the next partnership or deal. Ijan’s other passion in life is personal development so when he’s not overseas or working on the business you will find him glued to books, videos, at seminars or dedicating his time to everyone around him. More than a decade of experience has come to fruition, and when he’s not overseas he spends most of his time exercising, spending time with friends or drawing up new innovative plans for driving the business forward.

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