Registering Australian Domain Names

What are Australian Domain Names?

Australian domain names end with .au or in some cases begin with .au examples are or, and so on. If you are an Australian business or company selling services to Australians in most cases its desirable to have a or domain name.

Full List:,,,,,

Who can get one?

Anyone can register a .au domain name though if you wish to register a domain you need to provide an ABN (Australian Business Number).The registration period for .au extensions is 2 years.

– Who can I register these domains through?

There are a number of providers that register Australian domain extensions, Crucial Paradigm is one of them!

How much do domains cost?

Registration can cost up to $140/2 years with certain providers. Crucial Paradigm can however register Australian .au extensions for only $59.95/2 years.

-What is a transfer secret?
A transfer secret is a code that allows you to transfer your domain name between providers, they are used to prevent the unlawful move or transfer of domains. These codes are kept secret and in most cases you need to obtain them from your current domain registrar.

How to Obtain your Transfer Secret: Recovering Domain Password/Domain Key on any,, Domain (regardless of registrar)