Get your business online – How to guide

If you are a business owner and would like to get your business online this article should give you a basic idea of where to start and more importantly what you will need. In this guide we will use Bob as our example, Bob owns an accounting firm named Bob’s Accounting and he has two goals 1. Get personalised email such as [email protected] and 2. Have a website that people can visit.

Domain Registration

The first thing that Bob needs is a domain name. A domain name is what people will type in the address bar to get to Bob’s website an example of a domain name is When choosing his domain name it’s ideal that bob registers one that reflects his business name, as he also operate his business in Australia he should look at registering a domain since this is extension is for Australian business only (click here for more info on domain names). Crucial Paradigm can register nearly every domain name and in bobs case a domain extension will cost only $59.95/2 years.


Bob has now got his domain name the next thing he wants to do is have his website designed for him. It’s important to have a well designed web site since this is what will represent his business in the online world. Designing a website can be time consuming and a good web design company will take the time to get to know his business and will make the design process as simple and clear cut as possible. Crucial Paradigm has website packages starting from only $999.00, and also offers graphic and flash design work, shopping carts and other design services.

Web Hosting

The next thing Bob needs is a place to park his domain and also host his website. Due to his limited online knowledge and experience he wants a web host and package that is affordable and will also let him sleep easy at night. We would recommend our Crucial 1k business hostingpackage that features 1000mb of space, 5000mb monthly bandwidth, business hours phone support, 24/7 email support and RAID protection. Crucial Paradigm strives for service excellence, we take data protection, security and quality support seriously


Once bob has registered his domain name and acquired web hosting he can then create his email accounts, If Bob was hosting his website with with Crucial Paradigm all he needs to do is submit a support ticket requesting that we create the email accounts for him. He wants [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] created. Due to the demands of an online world Crucial Paradigm answers 98% of support tickets within 30 minutes.

This is a simple example of how to get you business online, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us here at Crucial Paradigm!