Bad things happen when you go on holiday!

We  all love having a holiday but here at Crucial when you have time off it means that that you’re desk will be pillaged, invaded or attacked! Ross decided to adventure around South America for 6 weeks so in his absence we had a little time to “decorate” his desk so to speak.  See what can happen with a few Friday nights and cases of beer 🙂

We approached this task like we would any other, careful planning, right timing and precise execution.

Step 1. Foilatron

Well we had to start somewhere so we created Foliatron, each item has been individually wrapped and placed back to its original position.

after 2Foilatron

Step 2. Post It Notes

I personally love sticky notes so the second layer was completed with minimum fuss 🙂

sticky notes final

Step 3. Glad Wrap

This one was Aaron’s idea, each item was wrapped in a layer (some with layers) of glad wrap. Might i add we used 150mtrs in total.

final2final wrap

Step 4. Everything wrapped!

Once complete we used another 150mtrs and wrapped everything together to create what i call a single entity, when the chair moves everything else moves with it.


Step 5. Garbage Bags

We decided to make the desk look like a garbage tip so the garbage bags came out as the first “new” layer.


Step 6. Plastic Cups

Silly i know.


Step 7. Garbage

What you see here is the left over wrapping from everything we used on his desk….. and then we wrapped it all together with more glad wrap… looking more like a tip now 🙂


Step 8, the final step. Ross’s new office.

Everyone wants their own office so for Ross we decided that we would build him one using left over server boxes, its complete with a window and working door… enjoy buddy!


….. my only concern now is that i’m off to Singapore next Friday and payback really is a B…. 🙂




  • Ross


    This took me 2 hours to dismantle. Sigh.

  • Travis

    Someone had far too much spare time.

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  • Ben

    Bunch of evil s0ds…but going on holiday for 6 weeks is just tempting fate 🙂

  • M. G.

    Hahahaha ! I wish i could see Ross’s face when he see this 😀 I will definitely do the same thing to my friend 😀

  • Definitely a webpage to send to the colleges!

    Poor Ross 😛

  • I still laugh every time I look at this 🙂

  • Mann

    At first I smirked but as the complexity grew, I became more and more concerned until finally the shanty hut scrolled into the fold and then I just died laughing.

    What an amazing workplace and scary culture.

  • This is brilliant! Im gonna have to pull the same prank on my housemates room 😀

  • Nerissa

    ROFL!! Hilarious!