The FAIL System – It’s the future of training.

We’ve started something new in the office, it helps with motivation and we believe it could be the next big thing in the corporate world! Forget 4 quadrant training courses or ideologies presented by ex CEO’s! We ask that you try our system first, the FAIL system! πŸ™‚

What is it?

It’s called FAIL, the way it works is each time someone makes a mistake you get a piece of paper stuck above your desk with the fail that you have so unglamorously achieved.

What can you get FAILS for?

You can get them for almost anything! I myself got one for dropping a coffee walking in to the office, Ross has got one (multiple) for turning up late and our commander and chief Aaron has recently got one for putting the wrong date on scheduled maintenance (which all of you would know about) πŸ™‚

Rules at awarding FAILS (current anyway)

  • Two or more people have to agree on what you did was a FAIL
  • FAILS cannot be backdated more than 1 day

Our FAIL Walls

To date Aaron and I lead the FAIL tally with 12 a piece while Ross tails us on 10.

Ijan’s Wall of FAIL


Aaron’s Wall of FAIL


Ross’s Wall of FAIL



While it probably does more damage to our self esteem and motivation it does make for a good laugh which we think is one of the most important things you need to do when at work πŸ™‚





  • Zed

    I like!

    at my old work, we had the the “works for me” award. It was given to any dev who uttered those 3 words!

  • Why use the FAIL system, when you use something much more motivating.

    Turn it aroundfrom advertiing failures, to advertising successes.

    Call it the WIN WALL, or WALL OF FAME.

    You get more flies with a drop of honey, than a bucket of vinegar.

  • dave

    I get alarmed at the amount of Americanisms creeping (or is it being dragged) into Australian culture, especially the corporate world. It is probably the least best choice of a place to take this sort of thing from.

  • Jack

    I really like that idea. The Fail wall would work provided you are not picking on the persons actual professional mistakes.If you are only having a laugh at something silly they did personally, then I think it would really work.

  • blip

    @dave: ‘Fail’ is more of an internet meme than an Americanism though…

  • Allan

    At my last work we had a the “Ring of Shame” which happened to be one of the red rings from ye ole big arsed tape backup things..

    If you monumentally stuffed up, you got the ring of shame.. ahh good times πŸ˜‰