How to enable the backspace/delete key in Solaris (or other Unix platforms)

It can be quite frustrating using the console/terminal on a Solaris machine, as by default the backspace/delete key does not work.

To enable the key, just do the following the terminal:

stty erase ^h




  • Arnold

    This doesn’t work at all. It only makes the Del key behave the same as the Backspace key.

    Visitors coming to this webpage from Google want to know how to get the Del key to WORK LIKE A DEL KEY, ie to delete the character under the cursor when the user has used arrow keys to move the cursor to the middle of a line of input / text in a file.

    The default behaviour in Solaris is to produce a tilde when the user presses Del. This is unhelpful.

    Your fix makes Del behave like Backspace. This is just as undesirable.

    Please can you write how to configure Solaris terminal to enable the Del key to work properly.

  • Jason Rice