Alarms List Problem on HP P4000 SAN

If you are one of the many people getting one of the following errors this article will help you!

If your alarms list keeps showing the error message:

“Warning: Alarms may not be available.”

Or you have trouble installing the latest updates to SAN/iQ 9 with it giving an error message such as the following:

“Management group ‘xxxx’ has the following issues: There was a problem getting the alarms list for management group ‘xxxx’.. Canceling all further installations.”

After a fairly long list of troubleshooting, HP provided us with a fix (10105-00) for this issue.  The fix specically states:

“Patch 10105-00 fixes a behavior where the CMC displays Warning:Alarms may not be available that prevents online upgrade/patch install from working as the CMC cannot get the alarms list. This also causes the Export Support Bundle to not work and may prevent CLI commands from working as well.”

I’m not aware of this patch being publically available from HP yet, so if you have these symptons I suggest contacting them and going through the steps to obtain the patch.

Once you receive the patch, you can use the following steps to install the update (we came across a few issues while trying to patch our systems, that didn’t seem to be documented by HP):

1. Shutdown the CMC
2. Open \Users\[user]\.storage_system\preferences.txt
3. At the top of the file, add the following:


4. Start CMC, under Configuration Summary there will now be a “Support  Upgrades” tab.
5. Locate the 10105-00.20110406.patch from HP, you will probably need to contact HP support for this.  And they may go through a bunch of troubleshooting with you before they provide you with the download.
6. Hit browse, and select the file 10105-00.20110406.patch
7. Select the storage node from the list that you wish to upgrade, you will need to them upgrade one at a time. I installed the patch on all storage systems, and the Failover Manager (FOM).




  • Jono

    Hi Aaron

    Thanks very much for your help here. One question though – where is the preferences.txt file located? On the SAN itself? If so, how do I connect to it? Simply via ssh?

  • Hi Jono,

    The preferences.txt file is on the computer you have the CMC installed on! So just shutdown the CMC, modify that file and start the CMC back up and it will give you the new tab where you can do the Support Upgrades.

  • Jono

    Thanks for the reply – I was running windows 7 x64 and with folder re-direction. It was in a very weird spot. Found it though, so thanks again,. I was able to apply this update and get rid of this annoying problem.

  • No worries, glad to hear you got it sorted. I went through the same pain, so hope this helped you get it solved a bit quicker!

  • John

    Thanks for the info – I just got off the phone with HP and even their engineer wasn’t aware of this specific patch. We did the patches listed in the CMC first (after modifying the preferences.txt file) Then after rebooting and the umpteen notification messages, we still had the alerts issue. We then applied the 100105-00 patch which fixed the problem.

    We would probably be still scratching our heads if you hadn’t posted this – thanks again!

    John from Bermuda

  • John, not a problem – glad it helped you get the problem sorted!

  • didier danel

    hello ,

    i don’t find the preferences.txt file under the CMC folder , i use windows7.

    Any Idea ?



  • Hi Didier,

    Can you please confirm the exact folder you are looking in? This is not under the standard CMC app folder, but rather the AppData under your user account data.

    I have not tested this on Windows 7, however can confirm it works on Windows 2008!