The importance of a good Domain Name


What is a Domain Name?

Think of a domain name like a postal or physical address.  It helps people find on the Internet.  An example is with our website, our business is named Crucial Paradigm and to find us you type in to your web browser

Different Domain Names Levels (Top and Second Level)

There are different levels of domain names they are called top level and second level domains. .com, .net and .org are examples of top level domains while a second level domain contains additional characters such as the domain extension.

Why is a good Domain Name important for my business?

Your domain name is like a big sign saying “Here I am” so you need to ensure that it’s firstly relevant to your business and possibly short and to the point. We have the Domain Name which works great for our business as it is clear and easy to remember, a poor Domain Name would be  No one likes ‘dashes’ and it’s harder to remember.

Crucial Provides Domain Registration Services for both top level and second level domain names, if you’re ever unsure of what Domain Name to choose just ask your friends or your customers for their opinion.