September 2011 Customer Survey Results

One of the main drivers of the success of Crucial is our customers. Recently we sent out a survey asking for feedback in relation to our services and support and I am happy to announce that the feedback we have received is positive.

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Key Survey Results

Technical Support:

  • 82.2% of customers were Very Satisfied or Satisfied with the level of technical support they receive.

Sales and Accounts Support:

  • 80.9% of customers were Very Satisfied or Satisfied with the level of support they receive.

Customer Expectations:

  • 82.3% of customers said that Crucial meets their expectations as a hosting provider.
  • 86.5% of customers said that they were satisfied with the product that they purchased from Crucial.
  • 84.3% of customers said that they would recommend Crucial to their colleagues.

This was a strong result given the following:

  • We wanted to provide as much choice to our customers to provide us with open feedback to so the question responses available were Very Satisfied, Satisfied, Nether Satisfied or Dissatisfied, Dissatisfied and Very Dissatisfied.
  • Our customer growth from 2012 was around 97%, this was a challenge to manage while also maintaining a great level of service.
  • Crucial went through  a complete product change on release of the SAN and Blade Cloud environment which is powered by HP and Cisco.
  • We completed a data center migration from Equinix SY2 to our own private cage in Equinix’s new flagship facility named  SY3.

Our focus in 2012 will be to continue to provide exceptional products and services to our customers and turn these good results in to 90%+. We will achieve this through  projects that have already been started and these include an overhaul of our support area, extensive additions to our Knowledge Base, Additional staff training and new staff members.

We look forward to a great 2012!

Ijan Kruizinga