5 Ways to Use a Windows VPS for Your Business

5 Ways to Use a Windows VPS for Your Business

The most common question asked of cloud computing is “how can I use a windows VPS in the cloud to enhance my business”. There are many providers that provide a hosted solution commonly referred to as SAAS. Plainly put, SAAS is a hosted software solution which you can access via a web browser where you don’t have to have your own infrastructure to host the application.

These services are becoming very popular with businesses; many businesses are choosing to migrate their business applications to use a SAAS provider such as Atlassian’s confluence (a wiki style productivity tool) or SAASU (Cloud Accounting).  This article will describe several ways you continue your businesses journey into the cloud by purchasing your own cloud VPS and moving your applications to that VPS.


1. Virtual Desktops – Your Office in the cloud

When you setup a windows vps you can specify what applications you would like installed on the server.  Your virtual desktop can often match very closely to your normal desktop computer. You can have the same windows desktop that you are used to.  Microsoft office can be installed with Word, Excel and Outlook. A large number of customers are also installing their accounting systems MYOB and Quicken are becoming commonplace on most Windows VPS instances we see.  The future will see more and more applications move onto a hosted environment with some providers now able to provide Virtual Graphic Cards which would enable digital companies to install and use applications such as Adobe Photoshop on their VPS.

2. Host your website and email in the cloud

If your website is coded in either ASP or the .NET framework and you are currently hosting your website on a shared platform there may be some great performance enhancements by moving your website to your VPS. You can also install your Mail client on your VPS and have complete control over both your website and email. This will provide the confidence knowing that the resources that are allocated to your VPS are only being used by your websites and email not shared with everyone else on a shared hosting package.

3. Host your cloud in the cloud… Just kidding  – Host your Business applications and access them from multiple locations

Do you have an ERP system? a CRM system? Why not install that application on your VPS so you can access it from anywhere. Most people have several business systems which could benefit the workforce that does not regularly come to the office. Sales people on the road, executives travelling interstate or overseas could benefit from being able to access your core business applications whilst away from their desk.

4. Host applications that your businesses needs to run

Some applications need to run 24/7 all year round. These applications can benefit from being hosted on a redundant Cloud VPS. Because of the way the system is designed it has the benefits of performance and redundancy built in.  Those mission critical applications, say for instance a shipping and dispatch application for your manufacturing business that all of your other systems integrate with. These types of systems need to be online all the time and a high availability Windows VPS can ensure that these applications remain available.  This confidence will ensure your business runs smoothly and without interruption.

5. Downgrade your desktops and move your services to the cloud

With most of the applications installed on your VPS, there is no longer any need for high powered and in some instances expensive desktop computers to be bought for your office. You can purchase a base machine with very small amounts of resources (sometimes referred to as a dumb terminal) and these would perform the function perfectly and would normally be a fraction of the cost of your expensive desktop machine you would have purchased in the past.

There are many benefits of moving to a cloud computing model, each day more and more applications are made available to be installed on a Windows VPS and the uses for different industries varies. If you have a specific requirement for your business please leave a comment and our solutions architects can access your business and make some recommendations about how you can ensure your business uses all that cloud computing has to offer.