How to Sell More This Christmas on Your Online store

How to Sell More This Christmas on Your Online store

According to the Xmas clock there is 93 days 13 hours and 38 mins till Christmas,  as I write this post I realise that before we know it Christmas will be here so I thought it would be a great time to write a post about how you can sell more on your online store this Christmas.  This post will be 3 quick and easy tips that you can implement straight away. So here goes Andrew’s 3 tips to sell more online this Christmas.

Google Product Listing ads

More than likely you are planning to do some Google Adwords Text ads campaigns over the coming months. By now you should have implemented all the Ad Extensions on your ads including site extensions, social extensions and location extensions. The Google Product Listing extension is one you may not be using and your competitors are. Google launched the ability to place a Google Product Listing ad next to your regular text ads early this year.  Initially not many online retail stores implemented the new extension however we now know the ones that did have seen an unheard of click through rate on these types of ads.


The ads are easy to set-up, you will need to create a Google Merchant Centre Account. You can do that via this link once you have registered you will need to provide them with a feed of all your products most of the eCommerce solutions out there will have a free/cheap plugin you can generate a feed of your products for Google to download. Then once you have your products loaded in you simply link your google merchant account to your Google Adwords account.  The Option is under settings>Adwords in the left menu.

Google has produced a really good video on how to set it up I have pasted the link to the video below.

Once you have implemented all these steps you should see images, price and your stores name on the right hand side of the Google Search Results and in some instances if there is only 1 or 2 people advertising that product it will take up most of the top space of the search results.




Get more reviews and +1’s

Reviews are beginning to affect search rankings, This is nothing new but you need to start to have your customers review you. It helps people make their mind up on whether they should buy from you or not. You do not want your store to be the one with no reviews. There is a company that can make it easier for you to get reviews from your clients.  Have a look into Feefo they provide an automated feedback gathering process that is really easy and they also are a ratings provider to Google so it will make sure your ratings reach Google.

Filter products and make it easier for customers to find your products.

One of the main benefits of shopping in a traditional bricks and mortar store was the shop assistant who would suggest accessories, bags, glasses etc to match that new top. Online we dont have this luxury so you need to assist the online shopper by suggesting products and upselling/cross selling them into more products. This is where filtering your products comes in, it gives you the ability to group products that work well together. Birdnest Online retail store does this really well,  take a look at this link , they have created a page dedicated to Beach Outfits. It allows the shopper to easily browse the online store and see in an instant all products relating to that category. It extends the traditional 5-6 main categories and lets you create as many as you like.

These are some quick and easy tips to help you sell more online this Christmas. As an online retailer you need to stay up to date with all the latest developments that can help you sell more. I will continue to share any great tips I come across.  Tell me below if you are already using any of these on your store!