Ping The World

Ping The World

Have you ever visited a site that takes too long to load? I have, and the longer it takes the more chance I will navigate away from it and find a faster one. This is an important thing given your main goal in the first place is to attract visitors to your site. Deciding on where you host your website can be a daunting task. There are many blogs that complain that the price hosting within Australia is expensive. I thought I would show a cost  of hosting outside of Australia, even hosting in a different city within Australia.

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To compliment this I have chosen to look at network performance, more specifically, latency from Australia to other countries. I have selected countries based on the number of IPv4 IP’s allocated to them. These countries make up 84.5% of the allocations.

The test:
I will be performing ping’s from Sydney to an IP  from each country and record its latency. In order to get a clearer picture, I will have that IP sent 20 ping packets and will record the Min, Max and Average Latency times. To make it simple I have written a script that performs this test and outputs the results.

The following tables are the results from my test:

Country Minimum(ms) Average(ms) Maximum(ms)
Australia 1.957 2.308 4.696
United States 219.305 225.421 229.395
China 151.846 163.4 172.714
Japan 120.543 126.311 133.86
England 377.634 394.744 409.15
Germany 348.88 360.138 369.286
Korea 235.304 237.756 242.646
France 343.035 350.802 365.465
Canada 250.444 260.253 269.088
Italy 364.878 377.05 416.638
Brazil 330.595 345.549 364.034
Singapore 198.21 204.252 211.574


As you can see from the results above. As soon as you leave Australia the latency is more than 50 times the latency than keeping it local.
Some of you may already be thinking, “your local pings must be from the same Datacenter or city”, you are correct, so I will now perform the same test for the major capital cities in Australia.

City Minimum(ms) Average(ms) Maximum(ms)
Sydney 1 1 4
Melbourne 16 17 20
Brisbane 16 17 21
Perth 52 57 60
Adelaide 20 24 28
Canberra 20 21 24


Again, even these results show that increasing the distance from your site increases the latency.

What does this mean to you?
It confirms that locating your site close to your target Audience is very important. The less distance the packets have to travel the faster you site will load to the visitor. Before moving your site to a cheaper provider, its important to investigate the true cost of the move. By saving money on your hosting, you could be decreasing the amount of visitors that stay on your site, which in turn reduces your conversion rate. I write this not as a sales pitch, but as a technology recommendation. I like having access to the best environments, and always strive to have a well oiled machine.