3 Free Plugins to Make Your WordPress Page Awesome & Unique

3 Free Plugins to Make Your WordPress Page Awesome & Unique

Boost the performance of your WordPress website or blog with these plugins.

Good platforms are consistent at doing what they do best, great platforms evolve. WordPress definitely belongs to the latter category due to its constant need for evolution and improvement, which is exactly what made this platform THE one in its niche. The plethora of WordPress plug-ins is one of its most revered aspects in which it stands out from the crowd. And the crowd is huge.

Now, just like WordPress managed to become the most prominent blogging platform, you will want your page to, one way or the other, emerge from the sea of mediocrity. Having quality content that will engage your audiences is a must, but a cool-looking WordPress page won’t heart either. Various themes are already available throughout the web, but in order to fully customize your blog, you will need to think about the details. Here are 3 amazing, free and little-known WordPress plug-ins that will help you get a fully-fledged blog page customized to your specific taste.

Custom Login Page Styler

They say that first impressions are the most lasting, and they couldn’t be more right. The regular login page is fine for the average blogger, but if you are looking to run a site that has the capacity to become a brand, the standard WordPress login screen just won’t cut it. This is where this cool and useful login page customizer comes in.

With Custom Login Page Styler you will have the opportunity to give your admin login or password recovery pages fresh customized look in a matter of minutes. It is perfect for beginners as zero coding skill are required to create your own unique custom login page that will also match your theme. This plug-in offers much more than other similar login page customization tools as it provides the user with the opportunity to choose their own: login form color, background color, form styling, border styling, label color, button color, full page styling, while it will also give you the chance to insert your own logo, background image, links, form field styling, etc.

Naked Social Share

Great content is nothing without its fair share of shares (so to speak). High traffic is impossible without social media sharing buttons, and Naked Social Share plug-in provides your readers with the opportunity to push the right buttons with style. Use this tool to easily replace those default and plain sharing buttons and insert your own customized ones for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, and other popular social networks. This useful plug-in is a must if you want to fully customize your blog page. It is a great option if you’re planning to incorporate social sharing buttons in a specific style while building your unique theme.

Swifty Bar

Swifty Bar is a perfect plug-in to wrap up your blog design, or this article for that matter. This tool enables you to swiftly and with style add those information bits to a so-called “sticky” bar at the bottom of your WordPress page. With Swiftly Bar you will be able to organize the display of the post title, its category and the author’s name section, while you will also have the opportunity to arrange the social media sharing buttons, alter the number of comments, change the Previous/Next post links, Time to read feature, and much more.

Making your WordPress page look awesome and unique has never been easier. However, make sure you don’t overdo it. The elegance lies in simplicity, but reaching simplicity could be rather complicated.



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