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  • Offer does not extend to future upgrades and downgrades
  • Specials are for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY – Existing customers who order using these coupons will have their order terminated and money refunded.




  • Neil

    Hey guys,

    Looking at getting the R2 reseller option with you to test out with some clients of mine, just a quick question is the

    “Reseller Hosting Plans 25% Off for LIFE! Coupon: ‘25RESELLER’”

    Listed on your front page still valid? or is the xmas 30% off for your first invoice coupon my only option?

    Cheers -neil

  • Hi Neil,

    The 25% coupon expired on the 31st and will be replaced on the blog shortly, currently were running the 30% off your invoice special.

    If you take advantage of our scaling discount level with the coupon you can save 45% off on your first yearly payment.

  • Steve

    Do you have any special offers that are currently valid for your MetaTrader/Forex VPS packages, such as % off of invoice?

  • Steve, sorry we do not currently have an specials on our MetaTrader/Forex VPS plans!

  • Gary

    Hi guys,

    I got excited when I found these codes linked to from the front page only to discover that LV20L has expired when I attempted to apply it to my order.

    Are there any current promo codes for the Linux VPSs?


  • Hi Gary,

    You can view our specials on the big banner on the top of the Linux specials page:

    We are currently giving away 50% more RAM, just use the coupon code LINUX50R.