Round the Office Roundup

Round the Office Roundup

G’day and welcome to our series of Round the Office Roundups! In this series of quick blog posts, you get a delicious feed of exclusive peeps into company operations and projects, as well as office fun and revelry that goes on at Crucial.

So what’s going on?

Nigel in the Centre Stage

The most recent addition to our “Centre Stage” series was Nigel, who’s possibly the most extreme person I’ve ever met! I mean, the guy’s basically James Bond–well, without the explosions and gunfire.

(click to enlarge) or

I recently wrote an article outlining the main differences, strengths, and weaknesses between and–knowing the difference could save you a lot of trouble, and money! Click the image below to read all about it. or | Broadcast | Crucial

May the 4th

We once again were honoured with Star Wars Day, the 4th of May (or to Star Wars fan-lings, “May the fourth be with you”; or to someone with a lisp, “May the force be with you”). May the Fourth isn’t only about celebrating the Star Wars in all of us but coming together to settle our differences… Or just to fight over the prequels.

So, like the fun people we are, we decided to show off one of our masterpiece-photoshops created by Dev team leader Shaun (or Shoda), as well as yours truly. Feast your eyes upon the nerdiness!

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This is the Dev team you're looking for.

This is the Dev team you’re looking for.

It’s Doughnut Time… AGAIN

Houston, we have a problem. I repeat, Houston, we have a serious problem; we have no self-control and absolutely love to indulge in all the beauty and flavour that Doughnut Time has to offer. Well, now that we have moved closer to two Doughnut Time stores, office “doughnut runs” are a thing–a horrible, beautiful, unhealthy, utterly tasty thing.

Office Views

Our new office has some of the best views that the Sydney CBD has to offer, such as the stunningly bucolic Hyde Park and the architecturally beautiful St. Mary’s Cathedral.

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And then there’s the view for the Marketing team. (Don’t worry though, we fixed it!)

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DC Tour

Some time ago, we held a staff tour of our data centre for our new family members–Anchor HostingTake a trip down to the data centre by clicking the image below.

Data Centre Tour


Considering you’ve stuck around to the end, here’s a little treat from us to you. We’re having a Mario Kart Tournament this Friday with the new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch, and what better a way to promote it than to create the host Timo with the likeness of Mario? Meet Timario!

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