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Whitepaper: Web Hosting Security 2014

Whitepaper: Web Security 2014

Continuing our commitment to web excellence, we have compiled our second whitepaper titled ‘Web Hosting Security 2014. The whitepaper delves into the complicated state of web and cloud security and focuses on key points of interest for the year. read more


Australian Government Tries to Incentivise Small Business Cloud Adoption

Australian Small Business Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption rates have been growing steadily over the last couple of years, however this growth has mostly been focused around certain sectors and was usually noticeable in larger businesses. read more


Will Amazon Web Services Begin Accepting Bitcoin?

Will Amazon Web Services Accept Bitcoin?

Near the end of May, Amazon was awarded a patent that would allow them to accept alternate payment methods for their services. read more


Australian Data Hosting Services Revenue on the Rise

Datacentre Revenue Australia

Massive adoption of cloud computing services in Australian companies has contributed to enormous growth of digital data whose storage and management is increasingly trusted to third parties. read more


Entertainment Industry and the Cloud

Entertainment in the Cloud

Thanks to some ground-breaking software and hardware tech, the cloud has entered many facets of our daily lives, entertainment certainly being one of them. read more