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Crucial is a business built around it's customers' needs; we're friendly, flexible and honest.

Crucial is an Australian owned, privately held Web and Cloud Hosting company that has been operating since 2003. We have built a strong brand by offering reliable solutions and high levels of customer support.

Business hosting is something we are passionate about, that's why our privately owned network includes world-class Cloud infrastructure and over 200 physical servers, hosted at the Equinix SY3 datacenter in Sydney. It's this dedication and commitment that allows us to host over 20,000 business websites and find solutions for over 5,000 customers, every day.

We continue to disrupt markets by pioneering new technologies and by delivering new innovative ways to ensure that our customers always have the most simple, easy to use online experience.

At Crucial, all of the work we do revolves
around two simple beliefs:

Our Purpose

We can change the world
by simplifying technology
and the way businesses

Our Vision

Become Australia's
leading app store
for business

Our Values
Aaron Weller begins his web design and development business, catering for clients located in both Australia and the US.
Aaron starts Crucial Paradigm Web Hosting to cater for his web design customers who needed a reliable hosting solution for their websites.
Aaron’s long time friend Ijan, now CEO, joins his fast-growing web hosting business.
Aaron and Ijan move into an office on Hunter St, Sydney. The two quickly establish a strong partnership.
Crucial Paradigm Australia is launched (, hosted at the Equinix SY1 Datacenter in Sydney. Crucial now offers hosting located in the US and Australia.
Crucial is first-to-market with its new Forex VPS, a service that allows traders to virtually host their FX trading. Linux and Windows Virtual Servers are also launched, which will become a core part of the growth of the business.
Ross Cheetham is added to the team which moves into a larger office on Foveaux St, Surry Hills.
Crucial's product base expands further to include an array of Linux and Windows Virtual Server and Web Hosting products.
The Operations team endures a lengthy but successful Datacenter migration from Equinix SY2, to Equinix SY3. The increased capacity allows for heavy investment into new infrastructure.
Crucial launches the high-performance Cloud VPS, offering customers with truly elastic Virtual Server solution. Over the course of the next year, over 1500 Cloud VMs will be deployed for customers located world-wide.
The team moves to Commonwealth St Surry Hills, offering 5 times the floor space and more room to grow.
Crucial shakes up the market with the launch of its new Blaze Cloud, becoming the only service provider in the southern hemisphere to offer SolidFire all-SSD SAN storage.
Crucial Paradigm relaunches as Crucial Cloud Hosting. Improvements include a brand new website and support process, a new Cloud VPS product and the new PAYG Public Cloud.
The world-first Blaze Cloud platform receives it's first award in the Anthill SMART 100 Index, recognising its innovation and pioneering features.
Crucial is awarded a spot in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, recognising outstanding performers in the tech sector.
Crucial exhibits at the 2013 Online Retailer Conference & Expo. The event is a runaway success and is followed up by sponsorship of an award at the ORIAs.
Founder Aaron Weller steps into an advisory role on the board, with Ijan Kruizinga assuming his new role as CEO. The changes will help drive further success and growth for the business.
The leadership team grows with the addition of David Murray as Chief Operating Officer and Adam Krzywda as Chief Technology Officer. Both bring years of experience to the team.
Veteran financial controller and industry expert Danuel Rebecca joins as CFO and Company Secretary.
Meet the Team
Aaron Weller
Aaron Weller
Founder, Advisor, Board Member
The founding father of Crucial, Aaron holds the key to all information that has ever passed through these doors. Originally from Adelaide he spent much of his school years internationally, generating a wealth of experience dealing with people from different facets of life. His industry knowledge, backed by his Bachelor of IT degree (UTS) provides him with the skills that continually drive and develop business both here in Australia and the US. Aaron is passionate about the hosting industry and is regularly partaking in industry events and seminars around the world.
Ijan Kruizinga
Ijan Kruizinga
Chief Executive Officer
A close and long-time friend of Aaron, Ijan has contributed enormously to the commercial growth of the business both locally and overseas. His ‘24 hour work day’ attitude, business prowess and ability to network with people from any area of globe means he’s constantly in the air or on the road, in search of the next partnership or deal. Ijan’s other passion in life is personal development so when he’s not overseas or working on the business you will find him glued to books, videos, at seminars or dedicating his time to everyone around him. More than a decade of experience has come to fruition, and when he’s not overseas he spends most of his time exercising, spending time with friends or drawing up new innovative plans for driving the business forward.
David Murray
David Murray
Chief Operating Officer
David joined Crucial after working at Ernst & Young and BT Financial Group, where he gained valuable experience in his financial and risk advisory roles. Both David and founder of Crucial, Aaron Weller, met doing the same IT course at the University of Technology Sydney. Being the only Western Australian at Crucial, David has to carry the weight of an entire state on his shoulders, which is his only real objective in his fitness regime. His abilities extend beyond into a more creative space however; going under the moniker ‘Dave Implex’, he toured the Sydney DJ circuit for many years and has successful releases on Australian music labels and commercial radio. His downtime is spent between vintage gaming and Mexican cuisine, arguably two of the finer things in life.
Adam Kryzwda
Adam Krzywda
Chief Technology Officer
With over a decade of experience, new Chief Technology Officer Adam Krzywda is the ideal fit for team Crucial. Graduating as a BIT from UTS together with David and Aaron, Adam quickly established himself as a valuable asset at Macquarie Bank. There he led international development teams and headed up global projects with distinction, which he also receives from having the most difficult surname in Australia and fastest ever recorded lap on the classic video game, Daytona. Adam ‘Jerzy’ Krzywda has also dabbled in the startup world with his own startup, His love of fast cars and bikes is only surpassed by his adoration for Surry Hill’s plethora of small bars and eateries.
Danuel Rebecca
Danuel Rebecca
Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary
A seasoned financial executive, Danuel joined the team in 2014 when he was announced as the CFO and Company Secretary. Known as the corporate repository of wisdom at Crucial, Danuel holds an MBA and is also a Chartered Account. His previous roles at PwC, Qantas Defence Services and most recently as the Financial Controller for Australia's second largest hosting company UberGlobal, bring extensive experience and industry knowledge to the team at Crucial. Danuel spends his downtime with his family in chilly Canberra and is somewhat of a Disneyland aficionado. He maintains a keen interest in basketball, cycling and the Blues football club.
Customer Experience
Aden Young
Aden Young
Customer Support
When he disclosed his taste in music here in the office, we immediately assumed Sales and Technical guru Aden Young was a gen. X’er living in a gen. Y body. Full of Linux know-how and a keen Ubuntu enthusiast, he joined team Crucial and has embraced our way of hosting. With a strong background in web hosting and technical support, Aden is a multi-talented guru who can’t get enough of Reddit other mind-broadening websites. Never one to turn down a brown-eyed girl, Aden kicks back on the weekend to the sounds of Passion Pit, Starsailor and Van Morrison. Just don’t ask him to open the Windows, he doesn’t know how.
Marie Fabiano
Marie Fabiano
Customer Support
Photography fanatic Marie loves getting behind the lens so much she has a Diploma in it, although the cloud infrastructure at Crucial unfortunately does not make for an exciting photoshoot. With previous experience at other Sydney-based hosting companies in both Technical and Sales support, Marie brings her passion for helping customers to the office each day. A self-confessed cross-fit enthusiast, she’s sometimes found running up and down the steps of the many parks around Surry Hills. Although when we asked about her ‘pet hates’, she said “Chihuahuas and ginger cats!”; taking literalness to the next level at the CrucialPlex.
Alex Gardner
Alex Gardner
Customer Support
Fresh faced, Adelaide-born Alex joined Crucial’s customer experience team in 2014. A self-confessed open source advocate, he devotes much of his time to Linux software and networking. Not afraid of the health implications of installing a server rack in his room, Alex is all about keeping his servers secure and in-house – which is ironic as he works for a cloud hosting company. Outside of his room and workplace Alex is studying a Bachelor of Technology at RMIT. In his downtime, he prefers to put on the chainmail and partake in live-steel, full-contact medieval re-enactment. To date, Alex still retains all four of his limbs.
Harry James
Harry James
Business Development Manager
Harry joined the team in 2014 as Business Development Manager. Coming from an IT background his experience includes event management, lead sales generation, event sales and operations; making Harry a contender for the most talkative person in the office. A born and bred Sydney-sider Harry loves anything sports related, including football, poker and rugby. When he's not with his family, he devotes time to his other true love, 8-time FA Cup champions Tottenham Hotspur.
Ash Nehete
Customer Support
Technophile Ash joined our customer experience team in July 2014. Originally from Nagpur, India, Ash completed his Management degree at UTS earlier this year. A keen photographer and freelance designer, Ash has an eye for detail and loves shooting with his SLR on weekends. Ash’s creative side is complimented with advanced networking skills, which has helped him construct high performance server clusters at college – completely on his own. Ash’s side hustle is PC gaming, with Assassin’s Creed coming in at his number one pick.
Ross Cheetham
Ross Cheetham
System Operations
Another cornerstone of Crucial, Ross is Crucial’s Operations overlord. With humble beginning of desktop support he has honed his skills to become one of the best in the business and knows the Crucial Network like the back of his hands. With accreditation from VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, 'Rosco' can ninja even the most difficult of software, network or hardware issues before you can say ‘to the cloud!’, not that we ever say that. Ross has dedicated a wealth of time to the Crucial brand and has helped it flourish since joining the team in 2009.
Jada White
Jada White
Systems Administrator
Jada is the Datacenter Manager that delivers the uptime our customers desire. He has a depth of knowledge that extends to mathematics & computer science, he also has a strong background in the hosting industry working with everything from web design and coding through to hardware and networks. An expert with a Samurai sword; Jada indulges himself with HBO documentaries, fitness fiend Tony Horton and authentic Japanese cuisine. Jada also holds the record for the fastest hard drive hot swap, unfortunately that’s not Guinness certified much to his dismay.
Patrick Carey
Patrick Carey
Systems Administrator
Adventure enthusiast Patrick “Pat” Carey has the wit of Drew Carey, without the looks. Or is it other way around? Anyway the keen footballer and snowboarder has many abilities and talents outside of the Crucial offices, so much so it’s a wonder he doesn’t turn up with more injuries on a Monday. As a university graduate and genuine IT guy, he has added tremendous value to the team since joining in 2013. All in all he is a fairly humble and relaxed character, right up to the point he nails a 540 Japan air onto 50-50 boardslide in front of some impressionable girls at Perisher.
Hendrik Kruizinga
Hendrik Kruizinga
Marketing Manager
The younger brother of Ijan, Hendrik is the Marketing Manager at Crucial and joined in early 2011. His experience includes a background in corporate banking and account services and heads much of the branding and marketing projects at Crucial, and is passionate about design, usability and customer interaction. Hendrik is also a fanatical supporter of 11-time FA Cup champions and 13-time Premier League title winners Arsenal FC. He spends his downtime travelling the world, watching sports and exercising his keen interest in electronic music.
Deborah Algeo
Deborah Algeo
Sales & Marketing Representative
Marketing gun Deborah teamed up with Crucial after graduating from ACU with Bachelor of Business in 2014, majoring in Marketing. Originally from Philadelphia, she moved half way around the world making pit stops in Hong Kong and Melbourne, before finally ending up in Sydney. With experience in business development and retail management, she knows how to connect customers and products in new and exciting ways. Like others at Crucial, Deb isn’t averse to running long distances for no apparent reason and is about to partake in her first full distance marathon. She likes to balance out her training routine with some wining, dining and a night in with David Attenborough.

Crucial have recently been nominated as a finalist in the City of Sydney Business Awards for 2012 in the category of Information & Communication Technology.

Crucial’s directors, Aaron Weller and Ijan Kruizinga, qualified for the prodigious SmartCompany Smart50 Awards in 2012. Crucial finished a respectable 42nd, Australia-wide.

Also in 2012, Crucial qualified for the CRN Fast 50, which recognises the fastest 50 growing Resellers that work in the digital and communications space.

Midway through 2013, and on the back of the success of the world-first Blaze Cloud platform, Crucial's innovation was recognised in Anthill's SMART 100 Index. This award recognises Australia's top innovations over the past year and is a testament to the Blaze Cloud's uniqueness and pioneering features. In August 2013, founder Aaron Weller was also awarded a spot in the coveted Anthill 30 Under Thirty list. The 30 Under Thirty list includes the top 30 young entrepreneurs in Australia each year.

In November 2013, Crucial ranked 48th in the annual Deloitte Technology Fast 50. The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Australia 2013 program recognises and profiles Australia’s 50 fastest growing public or private technology companies, based on percentage revenue growth over three years (2011 to 2013).

Crucial is very proud to be involved in such award programs and would like to recognise the important work that our counterparts and competitors do in the hosting industry that allows us to grow and help Australian business.

Crucial Initiatives
Green Hosting
Green Hosting

Crucial has partnered with Climate Friendly to offset the company's emissions. We also plant one tree for every new paying customer!

Charity / Not for Profit
Charity / Not for Profit

We offer 50% OFF our business hosting packages for charities and not for profit organisations. Contact us any time, we want to host your website!

We're Taking Green Action

It’s a fact that humans are doing terrible damage to the planet. As a web hosting provider we realise that on a daily basis our business contributes to this damage.

Crucial has led the way supporting Climate Friendly by turning emissions into trees as part of the Tasmanian Native Forest Protection Project. We were the first hosting company in Australia that has implemented a one new account, one new tree policy.

We support sustainable long term growth by meeting the needs of not only our customers but also our environment; this takes us all one step closer to a greener future.

To see how much carbon we offset last financial year, click here.

Climate Friendly
What can you do?
Carbon Neutral


Carpool whenever you can to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from our cars.

Carbon Neutral


The domestic waste we generate has a large impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Reduce, reuse and recycle whenever you can.

Carbon Neutral


The domestic waste we generate has a large impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Reduce, reuse and recycle whenever you can.

Carbon Neutral


Compact fluorescent light bulbs use 80% less energy and last up to 8 times longer than conventional light bulbs.

Carbon Neutral


Treating and transporting drinking water to our homes consumes energy. Plant ‘water wise’ gardens and mulch your garden to minimise water use.