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Why Choose Crucial

Find out why Crucial is the preferred small business host in Australia.

A warm hello from Australia’s small business web host.

Why Choose Crucial?

Why Choose Crucial 1

An Aussie startup with a decade of experience.

With a wise head and young heart we’re just as ambitious today as we were when it all started in 2003, right here in sunny Sydney. From humble beginnings, we understand the triumphs and challenges of small business.

Why Choose Crucial 2

We’ll love your business like we love our own.

Supporting small business and seeing it prosper is something each of us are passionate about. We often work past 6, pick up that last call, answer a ticket out of hours and spend extra time explaining the complexities of ‘being online’ just to make sure you feel valued.

Why Choose Crucial 3

No matter how big or small, we’re here to help.

At the end of the day, just like in your business, people are our most important asset. We look after ours so they look after you.

Diana’s Story

“On discovering Crucial we haven’t looked back, the transfer was prompt, seamless and hassle free.”

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Success Stories

Helping Australian small businesses succeed online is something we’re passionate about.

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