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Protect your business and backup your server nightly with R1Soft Backup.

Switch on enterprise backups for Windows and Linux servers with R1Soft Backup.

Backup your data securely with Crucial.

Dedicated server and VPS customers of Crucial can backup their data safely and securely with R1Soft Backups. R1Soft Backup works by taking a full server backup, then incremental or ‘changed-file’ backups each night, thus creating 7 daily recovery points. The advantage of R1Soft Backup over the typical FTP or image backup is the ability to login to the R1Soft Backup control panel via a web interface, and browse & restore individual files or folders.
  • Easy-to-use web-based control panel
  • Bare-Metal Restore (BMR) for full server restores
  • Support for both Linux and Windows
  • 7-daily recovery points & SQL protection
R1Soft Backups

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How do they work?

When you purchase a new VPS or add R1Soft Backup to an existing server, we install an agent which connects your VPS to our backup servers. The first backup is always a full server backup, then each night an ‘incremental’ backup is taken meaning any changed files are backed up and a restore point is created. Our team of experts are then able to restore your backups for $40.

How many restore points are kept?

We keep up to 7 restore points, meaning you’ll always have up to a week of backups.

Do I get to manage them?

Through an easy to use web application where you can login and select files, folders or databases to restore to your server.

Where are the backup stored?

Backups are stored on a high-performance cluster in the same Sydney-based Equinix Data Center facility as your VPS. Please note R1Soft Backup is a disaster recovery service and does not permit for exports of backups.
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