Crucial - Cloud Hosting
    • FAQ: Company

      Who is Crucial Cloud Hosting?

      • Crucial is an Australian based Web and Cloud Hosting company founded by Aaron Weller in 2003, it's head offices are located in Surry Hills, Sydney.

      What is Crucial's business vision and purpose?

      • Crucial exists to make our client’s web presence easy and reliable and to help them succeed online. Quarterly surveys regularly return a customer satisfaction rate of over 94%.

      Is Crucial an Australian owned company?

      • Yes, Crucial is a 100% Australian owned company and has experienced over 80% year-on-year growth since 2010. The company is also completely debt free.

      Which awards have Crucial won?

      How many customers do Crucial serve?

      • More than 5000 customers located both home and abroad.

      How does Crucial offset it's datacenter carbon emissions?

      How many people work for Crucial?

      • As of December 2013 there are over 30 dedicated and driven team members working under the Crucial Cloud Hosting name.

      Will my information be safe?

      • Yes your information will be safe. We take security very seriously and have multiple physical and network levels of protection for all services.

      Can I visit the the Equinix SY3 Datacenter?

      • Public access to Equinix SY3 is restricted. However, personal Datacenter tours can be provided to prospective and existing customers; please contact our Sales desk for more information.

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    • FAQ: Support

      When can I contact Tecnical Support?

      • Technical Support is available by phone during Australian business hours (9AM - 5PM, AEST) and via the Support Desk and Live Chat features 24x7x365 for all Cloud Web and Cloud Reseller hosting customers. This also extends to Cloud, Virtual & Dedicated Server customers who have purchased the Server Management add-on.

      How can I contact Technical Support?

      • You can contact our Technical Support team via a variety of methods. You can submit a request from the Help Centre, via Technical Live Chat or via phone (1300 884 839).

      What are the average response times for Technical Support?

      • Our average initial response time for a request is under 30 minutes and most tickets are resolved within 90 minutes. Our average wait-time for a representative to answer your call is under 60 seconds.

      Do all of your products come with Technical support included?

      • No, only our Cloud Web and Reseller packages include Technical Support. For Cloud, Virtual and Dedicated Servers, we offer an optional Server Management add-on which provides operating system level support.

      I am a Reseller hosting customer, are my clients allowed to contact Crucial's Technical Support?

      • No, only the Reseller is permitted to contact our Support Desk. Third parties will be declined Support.

      If my Cloud, Virtual or Dedicated Server is self-managed, what level of Support is provided?

      • Crucial can investigate any network or infrastructure level issues for the customer along with action reboots and shutdown/power up services.

      Is Technical Support avialable on the Blaze PAYG Cloud?

      • At present the Blaze PAYG Cloud is a self-service platform, Support options will follow in the upcoming months. The service is geared towards companies who have a clear understanding of their Cloud hosting requirement and the Technical ability to support these requirements.

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    • FAQ: My Account

      How can I update my account details (address, phone, email etc.)?

      • You can update your account details by logging into the Crucial Control Panel and clicking ‘My Account’. This will allow you to update your name and contact details.

      I missed the automated phone verification call during an order, what should I do?

      • To ensure that fraudulent orders are not processed through our website, we have a strict fraud detection system in place. If you feel the fraud detection system has incorrectly labelled your order as fraud, please contact our friendly sales staff and they will verify and complete your order.

      What are the operating hours of your Accounts & Billing team?

      • Accounts are available via phone & email during Australian business hours (9AM - 5PM, AEST).

      I no longer require hosting, how can I cancel my hosting service?

      • You can easily cancel your account by logging into the Crucial Control Panel and submitting a cancellation request.

      When will I receive my invoices?

      • You will receive your renewal invoices via email, five (5) days before your invoice due date. Credit Card payments will process automatically on the invoice due date. All hosting services are set to auto-renew to ensure business continuity.

      What payment methods do you accept?

      • We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and Direct Deposit Payments from an Australian bank accounts. We do not accept cheques. We do not direct debit Australian bank accounts.

      Does Crucial use SSL certificates on its site?

      • Yes, Crucial uses 256-bit SSL encryption on all areas of the site that hold or receive customer information.

      How can I add a sub-contact (e.g. technical lead, developer) to my account?

      Do your services include the GST?

      • Yes, all service costs include the GST.

      What name will appear on my credit card statement?

      • Your statement will list the payment to ‘CRUCIAL PARADIGM SURRY HILLS’.

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    • FAQ: Hosting Services & Products

      Where does Crucial house it's infrastructure?

      • Crucial houses all infrastructure within a private cage at world-class Equinix SY3 Datacenter in Alexandria, Sydney. A tier-4 facility (the highest rating possible). All infrastructure is privately owned and managed by Crucial.

      Can I upgrade hosting my service or virtual server?

      • Yes, It is very easy to upgrade to a larger package if you have a Cloud Web or Reseller service, all Virtual and Cloud Servers can also be upgraded on the fly. All upgrades must be placed via the Crucial Control Panel.

      If my website has become unusable, can I restore from a backup?

      • For Cloud Web or Cloud Reseller hosting customers, simply submit a Technical Support ticket and request a restoration from backup. All cPanel account restorations incur a standard $10 AUD fee.

      What’s the difference between a Cloud Reseller and Cloud Web hosting package with multiple add-on domains?

      • Whilst Cloud Web hosting packages can accommodate multiple sites through ‘add-on domains’, their functionality is relatively limited. For instance, add-on domains do not have their own cPanel account and cannot use dedicated IPs or SSL certificates. Whereas each domain created under a Reseller account acts as it's own independent cPanel account, with full functionality.

      What’s the difference between the Blaze Cloud VPS and Virtual Servers?

      • The Blaze SSD VPS and Virtual Servers offer the same level of functionality of a virtual machine, however the Blaze Cloud VPS runs on a cluster of high-availability servers with hardware failover redundancy. This means there is no single point of hardware failure that can bring your VPS offline.

      What infrastructure does the Blaze Cloud VPS and PAYG Cloud run on?

      • The Blaze Cloud VPS and PAYG Cloud are based on enterprise HP Blade servers and SolidFire SSD SAN storage. More specifically, each cluster comprises eight HP ProLiant BL490c Blades connected to our highly-available SolidFire all-SSD SAN.

      What billing options are available on the PAYG Cloud?

      • The PAYG Cloud offers unique hourly billing based off the resources you use (RAM, Storage, CPU, IOPs, IP Addresses, Bandwidth etc). A usage invoice is generated at the end of the calender month based on your usage for that calendar month cycle.

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    • Getting Started: Cloud Web Hosting

      How do I create an email address?

      • To create an email account in cPanel, login to cPanel using the details in your welcome email and select the ‘Email Accounts’ icon on the main cPanel dashboard. You can then create an email address by entering the new email address user, password and mailbox quota.

        Click here for Video Tutorial

      How do I install Wordpress and other scripts?

      • You can install Wordpress and many other popular scripts using the ‘one click installer’ Softaculous. Login to your cPanel account, locate and click on the Softaculous icon and then choose from more than 200 easily installable scripts.

      How do I access cPanel?

      • On signing up with Crucial, you will have received the ‘New Account Information’ email which includes your cPanel username, password and web address. Navigate to the cPanel URL in your browser and enter your username and password when prompted.

      How do I upload my website?

      How do I update my DNS records?

      • To add or modify DNS records, login to cPanel using the details in your welcome email and choose between the ‘Simple DNS Zone Editor’ or ‘Advanced DNS Zone Editor’. From these pages you can add and modify existing records associated with your domains(s).

        cPanel Help Centre Articles

      How do I check my resource usage?

      • To check your server resource usage, login to cPanel using the details in your welcome email and select the ‘Resource Usage’ icon on the cPanel dashboard. This will give you an overview of your resource limits; for detailed resource usage click ‘Details’.

        cPanel Help Centre Articles

      How do I setup my email address in Outlook/MacMail/Gmail?

      How do I setup my email address on my iPhone, mobile or tablet device?

      • To setup your email address in your local email client, login to cPanel and select the ‘Email Accounts’ icon. Next to your listed email address, click ‘More’ and then ‘Configure Email Client’. This will provide you the manual settings for settings to enter into your mobile or tablet.

        Video: Configure your email on iPhone
        Video: Configure your email on iPad

      How can I migrate my cPanel account from another provider?

      • To have your cPanel account transferred to Crucial from another provide (this includes website and emails), simply open a new Technical Support ticket via the Help Centre. Forward through your cPanel username and password along with a request to migrate your cPanel account and our technicians will be able to have that done at any time, 24/7

        Submit a Request

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    • Getting Started: Cloud Reseller Hosting

      What is the difference between WHM and cPanel?

      How do I access cPanel/WHM?

      • On signing up with Crucial, you will have received the ‘New Account Information’ email which includes your cPanel username, password and web address. Navigate to the WHM URL in your browser and enter your username and password when prompted.

        Video: How to login to WHM

      How do I create cPanel accounts?

      • To create cPanel accounts, login to WHM and select ‘Account Functions’ and then ‘Create a New Account’ from the main dashboard. You will then need to specify the domain, username, password and ‘hosting package’ for the account and click ‘Create’.

        Video Tutorial: How to create a new cPanel account in WHM

      How do I create and edit packages?

      How do I update my DNS records?

      • To add or modify DNS records, login to WHM using the details in your welcome email and select ‘DNS Functions’. From this page, you can choose to add, modify or delete DNS zones and records associated with your domains(s).

        Video: Managing DNS in WHM

      How can I check my monthly bandwidth usage?

      • To check your bandwidth usage, login to WHM using the details in your welcome email and select ‘Account Information’ followed by ‘View Bandwidth Usage’. This page will provide a summary of each domain’s bandwidth usage as well as the overall total for your reseller account.

        Video: View bandwidth usage by account in WHM

      How do I suspend and unsuspend accounts in WHM?

      • To suspend a cPanel account, login to WHM using the details in your New Account Information and select ‘Account Functions’ followed by ‘Manage Accounts Suspensions’. From this page, you can select the appropriate domain from the list and click ‘Suspend’.

        Video: Suspend / unsuspend accounts in WHM

      What is the difference between add-on domains and cPanel accounts?

      • An addon domain is an additional space inside a cPanel account, for another website, this space shares the limitation on storage space, monthly bandwidth, and server resources with the main website, where a cPanel account is a fully fledged hosting package, which does not share it’s limitations with any other sites on the shared server.

        Video: How to create an add on domain in cPanel

      How can I order additional dedicated IPs?

      • You can order additional IPs via the Crucial Control Panel ( Login using your email address and password from your Welcome Email. Click ‘Modify’ next to your reseller service and then under ‘Configurable Options’, change the ‘Additional Dedicated IPs’ to your required number (note, it will be pre-selected to your existing setup).

        For questions on upgrades/downgrades, please contact us.

      How can I configure disk space and bandwidth notifications for clients?

      • Alerts for disk space and bandwidth are automatically enabled for every cPanel account created under a reseller service, however you can change the contact email address or disable the alerts altogether by logging into a cPanel account and browsing to the “Contact Information & Preferences” area.

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    • Getting Started: Cloud & Virtual Servers

      How can I reboot my VPS or access the console?

      • If you are unable to connect to your VPS directly, you can login to the ‘Advanced Control Panel’ using the login details provided in the ‘New Account Information’ email. From Advanced Control, you can perform the following operations: reboot, boot, shutdown and access the console interface. Alternatively when on the go, you can use the Crucial Mobile app, available in the iPhone App Store (Android app on the way).

        Cloud Management Panel
        Virtual Server Management Panel

      How do I upgrade my VPS resources?

      • You can upgrade your VPS via the Crucial Control Panel. Login using your email address and password from your Welcome Email. On the dashboard, click ‘Modify’ next to your VPS. Blaze Cloud VPS’s will allow you to upgrade resources individually under ‘Configurable Options’. For Virtual Servers, you can upgrade the package by clicking ‘Upgrade’.

        Crucial Control Panel

      How do I log in to my VPS?

      • For Linux, you can access your VPS directly via SSH or cPanel (if ordered). To login via SSH from Windows, you can download and install Putty. Once installed, enter in your VPS IP address in the ‘Host Name’ field and click connect.

        For Windows, you can access your VPS via Remote Desktop (RDP). Navigate to your All Programs menu in Windows and then Accessories, Remote Desktop Connection. Enter in your VPS IP address and click connect.

        How Do I Connect/Login To My VPS?

      How do I perform the initial setup of WHM (Web Host Manager)?

      • When you first login to your cPanel/WHM VPS, you will be prompted a cPanel license agreement followed by some initial configuration tasks which need to be completed to setup your server. All required information such as IP addresses and DNS will be listed in your ‘New Account Information’ email.

        Video: cPanel/WHM Initial Setup

      Why did my VPS go offline or start performing slow?

      • If you find that your VPS is not performing as quickly as expected or has crashed, it is most likely due to high resource usage, such as RAM and/or CPU. This is often caused by large spikes in traffic, scripts or CMS plugins using too much memory or large and unoptimised databases.

        To resolve high resource issues, you must either optimize your website and database, or upgrade your VPS resources accordingly.

        For upgrade options, please see the product pages on our website or contact us. You must upgrade your Cloud or Virtual Server via the Crucial Control Panel.

      How do I change DNS records and manage my nameservers for my VPS?

      • You have two options of nameservers when signing up to a VPS. You can use Crucial’s shared nameservers provided in the New Account Information email; this will require a support ticket to add or modify DNS records. Alternatively, you can configure your own private nameservers on your VPS and manage it directly from your server or WHM.

        Blog: Create private nameservers for your reseller account or VPS

      How do I order additional IP addresses for my VPS service?

      • To add additional IP addresses to your service, simply log in to the Crucial Control Panel and ‘Modify’ the service which needs the additional IPs, from here you will see the configurable option titled ‘Internet IP Addresses’, you will be able to change this value to the amount of IPs that you need.

        Crucial Control Panel

      What is included in the server management addon?

      • Server management on our virtual server products allows our technicians to provide technical assistance with the management tasks on your server, it also allows us to perform security audits and general maintenance of the server upon request. A full list of what is and isn’t included with our server management addon can be found on the following page of our website.

        Server Management Plans

      What backup options are available to me?

      • Crucial offers an automated backup solution called Idera Server Backups. Set up by our Support team, they provide daily recovery points over a rolling seven (7) day period, providing up to a week of backup restoration points. If you would prefer to manage your backups yourself, the cPanel control panel has an automated backup facility which you can use, and Windows has it’s own built in Windows backup feature.

        Idera Server Backups

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    • Getting Started: Domain Names

      How do I transfer a domain to Crucial?

      • You can transfer your domain to Crucial via the Crucial Control Panel. Login using your email address and password from your Welcome Email. Under ‘My Services’, choose ‘Add New Domain’ and select the option ‘I want to transfer an active domain name to Crucial Cloud Hosting’; a domain transfer password will be required.

      What is required for me to register a domain name ending in .Au?

      • To register a .au domain name, you need to have a valid ABN or ACN, for a business relevant to the operations of the domain. As the domain will be registered by the business, the owner of the ABN is the official registrant of the domain.

        To see a full list of the requirements for registering a .au domain, refer to the AUDA website.

      What is an EPP code, and how do I find out what the EPP code of my domain name is?

      • An EPP code (otherwise known as a Domain Transfer Password) is a password used for transferring a domain registration service from one domain registrar to another. Generally you can get access to your EPP code using the members area of your domain provider, however if you have any difficulties with this, get in touch with your provider and they will send the EPP code to you.

        If you need to recover the EPP code of a .au domain, you can use this tool at ausregistry to send out the EPP code without having to contact the domain registrar themselves.

        AusRegistry Password Reovery Tool

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