Michael’s Story

Michael C, Co- founder of Leafcutter.com.au

The name Leafcutter (our company name) is based on the Leafcutter Ant and its many qualities. For instance; a Leafcutter Ant can carry up to forty times their own body weight in leaf matter at a time. That’s like you carrying the equivalent of 2 tons!. Our team is, like the Leafcutter Ant, extremely strong with our creative and strategic ideas and both impactful and powerful in the output of our creative and technical work. The Leafcutter Ant is also a creature who by nature works particularly effectively and efficiently in a team and they are extremely hard working. Leafcutter represents many of our teams defining qualities and this is how our company name was formed. Four years after that day and we have set the course to becoming one of Australia’s leading digital agencies working from a Strategy, Creative and Technical capability. Today, we exist by working with our clients towards their business or organisational goals through digital and online channels and platforms. Which means we work with our clients to get the most ROI out of their investments in digital channels, platforms and content. Our clientele include startups, small to medium businesses, large businesses, government and charities that span a broad range of industry sectors. Some brands you will likely recognise are; RSPCA NSW, RSPCA TAS, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Camp Quality, Harris Farm Markets, Woolworths Insurance, Astra Zeneca, The Luggage Professionals and of course Crucial! Yep, that’s right, it was us! We did the website you are on right now – hope you like it! An essential element to any web platform is hosting. You need to rent space on the internet for your website so people can see it, this is in its simplest form what hosting refers to. As part of the solutions we offer our clients, we needed to be able to provide or partner with reliable experts who could provide the services and products needed to build a successful online presence and successfully manage and build it up. Hosting was not a service we offered so we sought out an appropriate, knowledgeable, reliable partner who could facilitate the mandatory hosting needs of our clients digital ecosystems. We selected Crucial for an initial client of ours. The experience turned out so easy and was of a level of professionalism and service that was un-matched (other than our own team’s of course). There were of course occasional hiccups (e.g. a client’s site goes offline) but these just proved to be excellent opportunities for Crucial to demonstrate and remind us once again why they were so great as a hosting partner. From that first experience with Crucial nearly 3 years ago, to today, they have maintained their personalised approach, their top of the line infrastructure and product offering, dedication to helping small businesses, and their awesome partnership. Their team is made up of a great bunch of people, many of whom I now personally know and am friends with. Always ready to help and quickly turn any issues into great triumphs because they are so easy to deal with and friendly to work with. You go ahead and see what else is out there, but when you need someone reliable that offers great products, someone you can trust to help pick you up and out of any bad situation with your online business, someone who speaks your language and who will quickly work to make it right again, then Crucial is a safe bet to helping you succeed online.

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