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In early 2014 I decided to embark upon my first ever ‘booze-free month’. A week in I started getting restless so began searching for helpful, sober friendly resources on the internet to help get me through. I was slightly underwhelmed, and so became the birth of SoberSally. To be honest, it took me quite a while to get the blog up and running (and if I’m truly honest, the blog is still extremely green). Coming up with the idea is the easy part. Delving into the deep dark realm of technology was not! After a few tantrums, and almost throwing in the towel, a friend recommended Crucial. Whilst I was hesitant at first, the team at Crucial managed to provide me, a technologically-challenged individual, a how-to guide for setting up my first ever online blog. I still glitch out on WordPress and need assistance from time to time, and the Crucial team are always there to help me. They continuously go above and beyond and without their support team I can genuinely say SoberSally would have been nothing but a mere concept. I’d happily suggest the company to anyone, especially any aspiring bloggers out there. Don’t let your lack of technological awareness hold you back!

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