Kids on the Web: Computer Education Guide

Kids on the Web: Computer Education Guide

If you take a quick look around, you’ll probably notice that we use computers
pretty much everywhere. Most families today have at least one, if not two,
computers at home. They might also have a tablet or smart phone. In schools,
teachers and students use computers, and in business areas a computer is
mandatory! As recently as the early 1990s, computers were not nearly as
widespread. People had to perform tasks manually! They could not easily
access the Internet to play games, surf, and chat. Kids today have a huge
advantage over people from previous generations. You have grown up with
computers and the Internet all around you. As you continue to grow, you
will find that computers continue to be increasingly important in all aspects
of our lives. For this reason, it is very important to be good at using
and working with computers.

There are many different aspects to using a computer. To really appreciate
it, it helps to understand the history behind computers. Today we have
a great deal of computing power in a tiny smart phone that fits in your
pocket. However, a few decades ago, computers were so enormous that they
would take up an entire room! Only highly specialized people were allowed
to operate them. Back then, computers were used for basic calculating and
typing. Later on, computer programmers began to develop more sophisticated
programs. Now we can do just about anything with a computer! There are
the basic functions, such as typing documents, making web pages, calculating
numbers. Then there are the more entertaining things like making audio
or video calls online, playing games, watching movies and listening to
music, online shopping, and creating digital art.

Unlike in the past, people today use their computers for even the small
things in their lives. They might have a grocery list app, a digital alarm
clock, a program to help track their exercise routine, or websites that
generate driving directions. As you can see, computers are involved in
every part of our lives! By learning to use a computer, you will not only
be able to do a lot more, but you might even help shape the future of computers.
Did you know that it isn’t only adults who create new programs or computer
technology? In fact, there are plenty of kids and teens around the world
who have developed a number of different computer innovations. They started
out just like you at one point and gradually became so interested in computers
that they read, played, and experimented with computers and programming.
The cool thing about computers is that there are many careers that have
emerged over the past two decades thanks to this new technology. Jobs such
as computer programmers, web designers, digital artists, video game developers,
and network specialists, are only a small sample of the types of careers
that use computers.

Excited yet? Browse through the categories of resources below to find
out more and start exploring the incredible world of computers!

Computer History

Parts of a Computer

Basic Computer Skills

Internet Basics

Computer and Internet Safety

Computer Careers for Kids

Computer Camps


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