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Collaboration has never been this easy.

Thinking about what Google Mail and Google Apps could do for your business? Get started with Crucial and be one of the first to try our Managed Google Apps for Work product. Google Apps brings your team closer and makes collaboration easy, with amazing apps like Google Mail, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides. With Managed Google Apps for Work, you’ll spend less time being a System Administrator and more time on the important things like growing your business.
24x7 Support - Google Apps | Crucial
Taking care of the technical side With the help of our 24×7 support team, you’ll have your very own Google-certified administrators.
Automated Setup - Google Apps | Crucial
Simple setup and activation Your setup is a walk in the park with Australia’s fastest setup wizard for Google Apps, created by Crucial.
Integration across all devices - Google Apps | Crucial
Integration across all devices Syncronise your devices so you can collaborate and work anywhere.
Email Migration - Google Apps | Crucial
Easy email migration With our IMAP mailbox migration, you can easily move your existing mailboxes to your new Google Apps account, for just $49.90/mailbox.

Get Managed Google Apps!

Google Apps brings your team closer and makes collaboration easy, with amazing apps like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides, get started today!

Power and reliability of Google Mail backed by Crucial Support

30GB Storage | Crucial Managed Google Apps

Lots of Storage

Don’t waste time cleaning out your inbox and documents. With Managed Google Apps you’ll have plenty of space to grow with a huge 30GB of cloud storage.
Custom Emails | Crucial Managed Google Apps

Custom Emails

Look the part with custom email addresses, rather than your address you’ll be rocking your choice of emails like, much more professional.
Spam Protection | Crucial Managed Google Apps

Top Spam Protection

Your incoming and outgoing emails will have access to Google’s super spam protection. You’ll spend less time deleting those nasty spam emails, and more time reaching your customers.

Dim the lights!

Grab the popcorn and see what makes our Managed Google Apps so popular with Aussie businesses. Watch Video

What management and support do we provide?

As a general rule, support covers changes made within the Control Panel dashboard and Google Admin Console only. Support is not permitted to login to an end user’s Google App (such as Drive, Docs or Gmail) or make changes acting as a Google Apps user. View Support Table

We’ll happily help you with…

setup We’ll help you easily setup and activate your Google Apps for Work account.
setup We’ll help you administer and manage your Google Apps for Work account (and almost everything in your Admin Console!)
users We’ll help you create users (mailboxes) and email forwarders (aliases).
groups We’ll help you create groups so your users can easily collaborate and share with each other.
company We’ll help you customise your Google Apps for Work account so it reflects your organisation’s structure.
apps We’ll help you configure your sharing and access permissions for Google Apps such as Drive, Docs and Gmail.

We can’t help with…

device We cannot provide support for the use of Google Apps on a user’s device or computer.
gmail We cannot access a customer’s Gmail beyond providing the service.
drive We cannot access a customer’s Drive beyond providing the service.
docs We cannot create, edit or delete Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Forms.
devices We cannot support Additional Google Services or third party Apps.
googleplus We cannot create or edit a Google+ profile or account.
Email Migration
Email Migration

Need your existing emails?

We offer stress-free email migration, infact we will migrate your old emails for you. Simply add mailbox migration for $49.90/Mailbox at checkout.   Order Now
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