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It’s important to have clear success metrics that you are measuring against to ensure you are on track and moving towards the targets you have set for your organisation. This is a critical step and is often overlooked, which ultimately leads to an ineffective use of resources.

Without a well defined and prepared digital strategy, many find themselves spread too thin, working extremely hard managing a variety of content for various channels working to engage customers, with little to show for it.

As important as having a clear strategy is ensuring that whatever specific solution you are putting in place when it comes to execution, it is extremely well designed (both architecturally and visually) with an understanding of the end-user, in mind at all times. Design is arguably the single most important phase of any piece of digital execution there is.

The design determines how people will engage and interact with your brand and product or service offering online and is what is responsible for generating effective online business. Getting people to your digital sites or locations is certainly important and necessary for any business with an online presence but without a well thought out and designed user interface, you will struggle to get the most out of the people visiting you online – and that is just not efficient. Online presences need to be cleverly structured and implement learnings from how people are using the site to drive the organisations goals and agenda. A well designed online presence has a very clear, relevant and logical structure that takes the user on a journey through your content and entices them to take the actions you want them to take e.g. call you, fill in a form, email you, sign up to a newsletter, register for an event, buy a product(s) etc.

To bring great design to life, it needs to be technically well developed so that it offers users a consistent and robust experience, no matter how they access the internet, whether it is through mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop devices using the Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers. Often times, online presences offer inconsistent experiences between devices, and sometimes they react very differently depending on the web browser being used to access your online presence.

With a solid digital action strategy based on consumer insights and continued learning through analytics and observing the way people interact with your business or organisation online, great design (UX and UI) execution based on driving the user actions necessary to achieve the organisations goals, and a robust technology platform with well developed and tested code, any business can succeed and achieve significant results and growth through digital/online.

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