Improve the stability and performance of cPanel accounts on your server.

Protect your hosting by securing it with CloudLinux.

Ultra reliable hosting with Crucial.

CloudLinux helps to throttle your cPanel accounts using more than their fair allocation of server resources. This helps to prevent against ‘noisy neighbours’ and ensures consistent performance for all of your customers.
Improves Stability CloudLinux handles isolation and resource monitoring providing your server increased stability, so a single hosting account won’t bring your server down, giving you peace of mind.
Enforceable Resource Limits - CloudLinux | Crucial
Enforceable Resource Limits Limit the allowable resources for each cPanel account on a global or per account basis including CPU quota, memory limits and IO. The default settings are optimised for most shared hosting servers.
Multiple PHP Versions - CloudLinux | Crucial
Multiple PHP Versions Allow your customers to choose their version of PHP by using the PHP Selector built into cPanel. Your customers can change their version of PHP instantly with the click of a button.
Increased Security - CloudLinux | Crucial
Increased Security CageFS locks down the file system preventing users viewing sensitive files and information. This also prevents attacks by malicious scripts from spreading through an entire server (e.g. quarantined to a single account).
CloudLinux | Crucial

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Is CloudLinux right for me?

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Why do I need CloudLinux on my server?

If you are running a service with multiple cPanel accounts, and one of the cPanel accounts used too many resources it could slow down all sites, or even worse shut down the server. If you are running a Control Panel or Barebones VPS we recommend you install CloudLinux. Services including Web Hosting, Reseller and Managed VPS already have CloudLinux installed.

How do I add CloudLinux to my service?

Contact the Sales team, we are happy to help!

Ross, I’m still not sure if I need CloudLinux!

Don’t worry – feel free to drop me a line!
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