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It's our story and our people that makes the difference.

We are a local team of nerds, tech-savvies, gamers, coffee lovers, Netflix aficionados and football fans.

At Crucial, we like to think that our people can help Australian businesses succeed online – every day.

Bondi Beach

Our Story

“When an 18 year old IT-undergrad wandered through Bondi Markets in 2003 handing out business cards, his goal that day was simple…”

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The people behind the hosting.



Danuel Rebecca

Chief Financial Officer


Adam Krzywda

Chief Technology Officer


Ijan Kruizinga

Chief Executive Officer


David Murray

Chief Operating Officer


Team - Crucial Cloud Hosting

Pearly Whites…

Pat, Deb, Harry and Hendrik.

Team - Crucial Cloud Hosting

Say Cheese!

Jada, Marie, Ross and Ash.

Team - Crucial Cloud Hosting

Smile Please

Vanessa, Kylie, Aden and Alex.

Our Values

Invest company money like it’s your last dollar

Get sh!t done

Act as if Yoda is watching

Don’t screw the customer

Dance break like nobody is watching

Crucial Cares

With our charity and community causes, our efforts stretch way beyond just hosting.

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Crucial Cares

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