Magento Hosting

Fast and reliable Magento server hosting, all hosted right here in Australia.

Magento Hosting

Whether you host a high volume eCommerce website or are just staring out, Magento Hosting from Crucial Cloud Hosting provides the highest performance for Magento applications at the lowest cost.

To see how Crucial can power your eCommerce store, learn about the Managed VPS.

About Magento

As one of the largest and fastest growing website creation and management software platforms, Magento is used on thousands of sites and the open source Magento Hosting platform has been a dependable solution for many of our satisfied Magento Hosting customers. The modular yet flexible design of Magento is what has promoted its success, as well as the Magento Hosting secure eCommerce focus.

With easy to configure pages, adding page layouts and content to Magento is a snap when you employ our Magento Hosting expertise. With full shopping cart functionality along with SEO tools, payment processing, order management as well as marketing and customer service tools, it’s easy to see why Magento hosting has been so popular.

Magento has made sure that security is utmost in their Magento hosting platform, with strong data encryption, PCI Data Security Standard compliance, and the ability to process store credits and gift cards. With great features like this, it’s clear why so many companies are turning to Magento hosting and profiting from the flexible and scalable open source solution that Magento offers.

Because you have to depend on our security as much as your online customers depend on yours, our expert staff has configured the best in enterprise class security to make sure that your Magento site is protected from sophisticated hacker attacks as well as denial of service. With load balancing, scalable hardware and the fastest processor and hard drive solutions available, you can rest assured that your Magento Hosting sit loads quickly and reliably every time.

Whether you are just beginning your online eCommerce business and using the free Community Magento offering or a large scale eCommerce machine that requires all the features that Magento Hosting can offer in the Enterprise or Enterprise premium, Crucial can support all of your needs while exceeding your expectations.

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