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Crucial is one of Australia's leading providers of Windows Virtual Private Servers (VPS), in fact we were the first to offer Windows Server 2008 to our customers and are still the preferred provider for many businesses today. Choosing an Australian Windows VPS has never been easier.

Enhance your Windows Virtual Server experience with a full stop/start/reboot functionality through our FREE iPhone App, host websites, databases and applications with ease. Hosted in Sydney, and backed by a high-performance redundant network; Crucial's Windows Virtual Private Servers offer you reliability, performance, a trusted name, and the ability to upgrade in the future.

Join the countless satisfied customers using Crucial’s Windows Virtual Servers.


We've deployed over 5,600 Virtual Servers so the numbers really do speak for itself. Choose from Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 or make your VPS easy to manage with Plesk!
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Windows VPS Packages
$ 39 .95 /month

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  • RAM 0.5 GB
  • CPU 3 Cores
  • Dedicated IPs 1
$ 59 .95 /month

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  • RAM 1 GB
  • CPU 3 Cores
  • Dedicated IPs 1
$ 89 .95 /month

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  • RAM 1.5 GB
  • CPU 3 Cores
  • Dedicated IPs 1
$ 159 .95 /month

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  • RAM 3 GB
  • RAID 10 STORAGE 100 GB
  • CPU 5 Cores
  • Dedicated IPs 1
$ 209 .95 /month

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*Promo code '75OFF'

  • RAM 4 GB
  • RAID 10 STORAGE 125 GB
  • CPU 5 Cores
  • Dedicated IPs 1
$ 359 .95 /month

Save 75% off first month!
*Promo code '75OFF'

  • RAM 8 GB
  • RAID 10 STORAGE 250 GB
  • CPU 9 Cores
  • Dedicated IPs 1
$ 659 .95 /month

Save 75% off first month!
*Promo code '75OFF'

  • RAM 16 GB
  • RAID 10 STORAGE 500 GB
  • CPU 9 Cores
  • Dedicated IPs 1

Packed with Benefits and Features

World-Class Equinix SY3 Datacenter
99.9% Uptime
High Performance Redundant Network
Crucial Mobile iPhone App
Windows Server 2003
2008 & 2012
Optional Plesk Control Panel
Redundant RAID 10 Storage
Upgradable Packages
& IPv6 Ready
Dual Intel-E5
Full Root / Admin Access
Optional Crucial

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I upgrade and downgrade my VPS?
      Each package can be upgraded to a higher option, however you cannot downgrade a VPS-X package. Upgrades require a VPS reboot.
    • Can I add more IPs?
      Of course! Additional dedicated IPs are $5.00/month.
    • What about payment methods?
      We accept the following:
      • Credit Card
      • PayPal
      • Direct Deposit (1-3 days clearance time)
    • Can I request Technical Support?
      Our Virtual Servers are Self-Managed; this means that you are responsible for maintaining and updating the VPS while we are responsible for ensuring that the network and the hardware node is running. You are NOT entitled to support other than VPS reboots if you are on a self-managed VPS. We do offer a Management & Support add on for our Virtual Servers, for more information please click here.
    • What hardware is used in the Hypervisors (VPS nodes)?
      We use industry leading Supermicro Servers, dual-Intel Xeon Processors, Western Digital Enterprise Hard Drives in RAID 10 configuration and Adaptec RAID cards.
    • I'm after a faster, scalable Cloud VPS; what are my options?
      We offer a lightning fast Virtual Server called the Blaze Cloud VPS. It comes with ultra-fast SSD SAN storage and many more benefits.
    • Is there a control panel I can use on my Windows VPS?
      Yes! We offer the Plesk 11 Control Panel as an optional add-on, it comes bundled with Windows Server 2012 for easy website and server management. Our Server Management add-on offers 24x7x365 support for Plesk for only $100.00/month.
    • Is it IPv6 ready?
      Yes! you can even network your VMs on your own shared network.
    • Where are Crucial's servers hosted?
      Our servers are located in a private cage at the Equinix SY3 Datacenter in Sydney, Alongside Yahoo, Ebay, Fairfax and other major companies. For more information on Equinix click here.
    • Can I privately network my Virtual Servers?
      Yes, you can connect your VPS to a 1GBit/s Shared Backend Network. Traffic over the backend network is NOT counted towards your monthly data usage quotas.
    • How is bandwidth usage calculated? Can I monitor my bandwidth usage?
      We calculate bandwidth on and in + out basis. So if you use 5GB in, and 10GB out your total bandwidth usage is 15GB. Overages are billed at $0.50/GB (as of July 2013). We provide a bandwidth counting solution via the Control Panel ( where you can view your traffic in a handy usage graph.
    • Can I add automated backups to my VPS?
      Yes, you can easily add automated nightly R1Soft Backups to your VPS during the checkout.
    • Can I purchased an SSL certificate for my store?
      Yes, we offer a range of SSL certificates including RapidSSL, Geotrust Greenseal and Geotrust Wildcard editions. All certificates include FREE installation, you can purchase them from SSL Certificates.
    • How does the CPU scheduling work?
      Our current servers operate dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 processors for a total of 12 x Cores, 24 x Hyperthreads, 15MB Cache and a total speed of 24Ghz (2Ghz Cores). Each VPS is assigned a number of virtual CPU Cores, CPU cores are shared across the server. Each package is allocated a minimum guaranteed CPU priority, when multiplied by the number of CPU Cores you are given the CPU allocation (e.g. 4 Cores x 40% priority = 3.2Ghz). The clock speed is also burstable to a much higher level.

Operating Systems, Add-ons & Options

Operating Systems & Discounts
Additional Software & Add-ons
  • Operating System
    Windows 2003 Standard 32-Bit
    VPS 1-4
    Windows 2003 Standard 64-Bit
    VPS 1-4
    Windows 2008 Standard 32-Bit
    VPS 2-4
    Windows 2008 Standard 64-Bit
    VPS 2-4
    Windows 2008 Enterprise 64-Bit
    VPS 2-4
    Windows 2008 R2 Standard 64-Bit
    VPS 2-4
    Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise 64-Bit
    VPS 2-4
    Windows 2012 Standard 64-Bit
    VPS 2-4
    Plesk Windows 2012 Standard 64-Bit
    VPS 4+
    Receive 10% off your monthly hosting when you pay annually in advance!

    Simply choose the plan you want, hit the order now button and then select the annual pricing option on the checkout page. Note 10% discount only applies to hosting; options & add-ons are charged at full price.

  • Additional Software
    Additional CALs $7.54/month.

    Server Management

    By Default your VPS is self-managed, so you are responsible for installing software, maintaining the VPS and resolving any technical issues that you encounter. Crucial staff members monitor the VPS Node as well as Network and will only perform VPS reboots.

    If you require technical support and/or server administration assistance please consider our VPS Support and Management plans which start at $100/month, this plan gives you access to the following:

    • Business hours phone support (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm AEST)
    • 24 x 7 Email / Ticket Support
    • 5 issues per month (1 issue per ticket / call)

    For more information on this product please contact us by email or call us today: 1300 884 839.

    Idera Server backup

    Crucial offers the Idera Server backup solution to VPS customers. The key benefits of the solution include:

    • Easy-To-Use Web-based User Interface
    • Bare-Metal Restore (BMR) in CDP Enterprise Edition
    • Secure Data Management and Archiving
    • Windows Server Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Support
    • Open File Backups (Point-in-time Snapshots) for Windows Servers

    For detailed information and pricing check out our Idera Server Backup page.