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The PAYG Public Cloud is no longer available as a new range of SSD Virtual Servers is on the way with better support, more features and better value. The great news is we’re still offering our highly-competitive Linux and Windows Virtual Servers.

Want to create, delete, manage, network and template Virtual Machines without ever having to contact Crucial? With over 80 templates to choose from, the Blaze PAYG Cloud is the service for you.

The Blaze PAYG Cloud provides you with your own resources, including RAM, SSD SAN storage, CPU & data transit. Powered by our all SSD SAN solution, Blaze; you can select from variable IOPs and create and destroy VMs on demand, creating a truly flexible Cloud solution.

Hosted locally in Sydney, and powered by the fastest infrastructure, you'll wonder why you didn't switch to Crucial's Blaze PAYG Cloud sooner.

The best thing about it? You only pay for what you use.


The Blaze PAYG Cloud offers Australia's only guaranteed performance Cloud service, giving you the freedom and resources to power any business, project, campaign or application.
PAYG Cloud
Resource Tiers

The PAYG Public Cloud is no longer available as a new range of SSD Virtual Servers is on the way with better support, more features and better value. The great news is we’re still offering our highly-competitive Linux and Windows Virtual Servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • In a nutshell, what does the Blaze PAYG Cloud do?
      Imagine having your own pool of resource reserved for just you, including RAM, SSD storage, IPs and CPU; then having the ability to deploy VMs of whatever size you want from anywhere around the world without ever having to contact Crucial or make a payment upon deployment. This is the Blaze PAYG Cloud.
    • Do I have to use all of the resources in my tier?
      No! The tiers are only provided as limits, therefore if you only need to use 4GB of RAM, 50GB of SSD Storage and 2 CPU Cores for your VM, you'll only pay for the resources you deploy.
    • How do I manage my Blaze PAYG Cloud?
      Upon sign-up, which requires a valid ABN/business number, you'll be provided with a login to our Cloud Management Panel. This is a web-based control panel that can be accessed from anywhere around the world in real time.
    • How do I pay for my bill at the end of the month?
      You'll be issued an invoice at the end of each calendar month which includes your resource and data usage . Payment is required in 5 days via Credit Card.
    • How do the VMs I create compare to dedicated servers?
      By using ultra-fast SolidFire SSD SAN storage, we can not only guarantee your RAM, data usage and disk space, but your disk performance too. This is a world first for any VPS/Cloud solution.
    • How much is the public data transfer? Also, can I network my VMs over a private network?
      All public data transfer is $0.50/GB (June 2013), however if you add private network interfaces to your VMs all traffic over this network is free (and up to 500Mbit/sec)!
    • Can I scale my resources such as RAM and CPU?
      Yes! The Blaze PAYG Cloud gives you the freedom to you decide how much performance you want to add to your VMs. You can even upgrade your disk performance (IOPS) and port speed.
    • Which operating systems can I choose from?
      We offer over 80 up-to-date templates, including distributions of CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Windows & Jumpbox. With so much choice you'll never be short of an operating system.
    • Where is Crucial's Blaze PAYG Cloud located?
      All of Crucial's cloud infrastructure is hosted within a private cage at the world-class Equinix SY3 Datacenter in Sydney. Alongside Yahoo, Ebay, Fairfax and other major companies.
    • What if I need technical support assistance from Crucial?
      At present the Blaze PAYG Cloud is a self-managed solution. We provide a PDF userguide for all users which includes how-to steps for every operation you can perfom.
    • Can I backup and template my VMs?
      Yes, one of the great features of the Blaze PAYG Cloud is the ability to not only backup your VMs but also template them for fast deployment in the future. This will save you countless hours when deploying VMs for identical purposes.
Hourly Pricing Table

Billing is calculated on an hourly basis, all resources are billed whether they on or off. Templating VMs is easy and can help to minimise cost.

Product Name
Price / Hour
Average Price / Month
Equivalent to 720 hours usage
VM Resources
CPU Cores
1 vCore
CPU Priority
1% - 100% (Limited)
SSD SAN Storage
1GB (Min. 50GB)
Guaranteed IOPS
1 IOP (100 free per VM)
OS Templates
CentOS, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, Fedora x64
Windows 2003, 2008 x64
cPanel/WHM 11
with CentOS 6.3 x64
CloudLinux + cPanel/WHM 11
with CentOS 6.4 x64
VM Data Transfer, IP Addresses, Networking
Data Transfer - Public
Internet traffic
0.50c / GB
0.50c / GB
Data Transfer - Private
Internal traffic using Private IPs
Dedicated IPv4
1 IP
Dedicated IPv6
1 IP
VM Port Speed
1Mbit (20Mbit free per VM)
Additional VM Services
VM Backup Storage
1GB (1st backup free)
VM Template Storage

Benefits and Features

High-Availability Cloud Infrastructure
World-Class Equinix SY3 Datacenter
SolidFire SSD
SAN Storage
99.9% Uptime
Fully Flexible, Cloud Platform
iPhone App*
Over 80+ OS templates
OnApp Control Panel
High Performance Redundant Network
Full Root / Administrator access
Statistics and Reporting
VM Firewall