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Clustered environments that power Australian commerce and major campaigns, that's what do - brilliantly.

Over years Crucial has developed solutions for our clients at home and abroad. Engineering clusters containing as little as 3 servers through to others with more than 20, our experience speaks for itself. Now, with the Blaze PAYG Cloud, the power is in your hands to create, manage and control your very own Cluster Environment.

The PAYG Cloud enables you to create your own load-balanced hosting environment with ease. Select the resources you require and create the VMs on-demand, all from the easy to use web-based control panel. Select from an array of operating system templates or clone your own VMs for easy deployment in the future. Building your own High-Availability Cluster couldn’t be easier.

Still prefer a custom built solution? We can tailor to any requirements no matter how large. After all, high-availability is Crucial's speciality!

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Our ultra-fast enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure has powered

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Our team of systems administrators will tailor your perfect

Hosting Solution.

Our robust and redundant network has combined to support

Social Media Campaigns.

Our understanding of client needs has helped power hundreds of

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